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PATransit Tuesday: Seems about right

Taken from Awkward Transit:


The Brew Gentlemen announced that a new restraurant, Magarac, will occupy the rest of the space of their building in Braddock.  What has impressed me the most is that Chef Kevin Sousa (who also owns other establishments such as Salt of the Earth), will move to Braddock as a sign of his dedication to the revitalization of the neighborhood.  Pretty amazing stuff:

“It’s not, ‘Let’s create this awesome restaurant where Kevin can stretch his legs,'” Mr. Fetterman said. “The bottom line is, he’s taking on the region’s most persistent and difficult food deserts.”

To that end, Glance & Associates will include in its design a small take-out window for Mr. Sousa’s barbecued chicken and ribs and gourmet hot dogs.

The site also should appeal to beer-lovers. Two men calling themselves The Brew Gentlemen will brew at least four craft beers, including a chai-spiced white ale, on a small system in the basement.

The third leg of the complex will be Springboard Kitchen, whose staff will share the restaurant’s kitchen to prepare meals for Meals on Wheels.

I’m very excited for this project, and can’t wait for it all to open.  I have a friend working on a restaurant opening in Shadyside, and between the two, I’m afraid people will begin to mistake me for some kind of foodie.  That’s probably a ways off, but until then, I’m excited for the prospect for Braddock.

Check out the full story at the P-G.

Next to Normal

The New Hazlett Theater on the Northside will be home to a production of “Next to Normal.”

The show runs June 22-July 1, and for this show, a portion of all ticket sales will go to charity.  What charity you may ask?  I’m not sure myself.  I’ve reached out to try to find out, and as soon as I know, I’ll post it here.

The six person cast features familiar faces from the Pittsburgh theater scene, as well as set designer Tony Ferrieri.

Find out more information and purchase tickets here.

Mr. Rogers goes viral

I feel like I’ve been talking about Mr. Rogers a lot lately, but then again, he’s so amazing, and such an important part of so many people’s lives, I think it’s okay.

“Mr. Rogers Remixed” is a partnership between PBS and mash-up artist John D. Boswell.  Check it out here, if you haven’t already seen it.

Ravenstahl joins Freedom to Marry

Mayor Ravenstahl joined the Freedom To Marry’s Mayor program.  While I think it’s weird that it took him this long to join on, maybe he was specifically waiting for Pride weekend.

And on a side note, while I like the logo for this year, the wings in the background of the logo, just look funny to me.  Maybe it’s because I was always seeing the banners through the dirty windows on a PAT bus (or covered by an ad wrapper), but they looked funky.

Here is Luke’s comment to WATE:

“Hearts change, minds change,” Ravenstahl told Channel 4 Action News on Tuesday. “I have had numerous discussions with members of my staff who are gay, with friends who are gay, and as I said, hearts change, minds change, and mine has changed.”

Good for the Mayor, and happy Pride to everyone downtown this weekend, have fun, be safe and enjoy yourself!

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