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PATransit Tuesday: Testing, testing

PAT is looking for participants for two pilot programs.

First up, they are finally opening up the ConnectCard program to allow online payment management.  Check out the routes and if you ride one (or more) of them regularly, sign up here.  Also, I’m a bit confused as to why they’re looking for riders only on certain routes, probably just to centralize help if there are any problems I suppose, but still seems a bit odd for an online pilot.

And secondly, PAT is looking to test a new automated phone service, allowing you to find out information and bypassing hold times.  Hopefully it is in real time and somehow hooked up with dispatch, but we’ll see.  To find out more or sign up, check it out here.

PATransit Tuesday:BRT and Transit cuts, elsewhere

A couple links to pass along about transit cuts and bus rapid transit.

First up, the public transportation in Tacoma is making dramatic cuts, very much like we could have seen here.

And Seattle is finding out, that without committing to rapid transit, it won’t work.

I know PAT is still looking to expand into BRT, but I just don’t think we’re dedicated enough to really embrace it and make it work.  At least not now.

E-Waste recycling

Calvary Church in Shadyside has an e-waste recycling event on Saturday, January 19, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

You can no longer throw out electronics with the trash, so this is a great chance to get those pieces recycled at no cost.

Additionally, if you need a hard drive destroyed, they will have a service available for $10 each

You can find out more at Calvary’s website.

Pants on fire

Listen, Mattress Discounters, enough with the lying.

We don’t need to be told every three months that “never before has Mattress Discounters closed early” to get ready for a sale.

You do it all the time.

Stop it.  It’s insulting, and quite frankly, very lazy advertising.


Everyone with ears.


P.S. No seriously, knock it the F off.

The newest Pittsburgh pro sports team

LaMarr Woodley is the new owner of the Pittsburgh Jack Rabbits, our PBA team which will be competing against, among others, Jerome Bettis’ Motown Muscle.

The announcement of the logos can be found here, although I may also be rooting for Chris Hardwick’s Atom Splitters, as I’m a huge fan of the Nerdist industries.

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