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Romero, the Corpse Flower, blooms

Phipps has announced that their Corpse Flower, named Romero after the director, is in bloom!

The bloom lasts between 24-48 hours and smells like “the rotting flesh of a mammal.”  Tonight (Tuesday the 20th) and tomorrow (Wednesday the 21), they will be open until 2 a.m. for visitors, and Wednesday will even feature two screenings of “Day of the Dead” at 8 and 10:30 p.m.

Phipps is amazing at night, and sadly, it’s been too light to really get the full experience over the summer for a night time viewing of the summer glass show, so that alone, is worth it, not to mention a bloom that only comes around every decade.

Pittsburgh Pride

There’s a post making it’s way around Facebook, and if you haven’t read it, take a minute.  Here’s a short snippet:

No matter how many hundreds of times we drive the Parkway West into town, we get butterflies when we come out that side of the Fort Pitt Tunnel and see the spectacular paradise that our grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, and friends helped to build – brick by brick, day by day.  Together.

Yes, I love this city, I love how absolutely genuine the people are.  The way we band together at a moment’s notice, and all the interesting and tucked-away corners of this city.  But even so, it’s nice to see it written down.

Head over to Facebook to read it, and take a moment to enjoy the pride.

Condescend much?

One of my favorite pages on Facebook is “Condescending Brand Page.”  Since I run a few Facebook pages, I always try to keep in the forefront that we’re people, what a like actually is (not what most brands think it is) and that we’re there to have a good time and a conversation.

In comes WTAE, which is really the only local news I watch, if I watch anything at all.  And they totally failed at being any kind of decent human being.  But thankfully, Facebook was there to call them out on their asshat move.

Yeah, that’s right, “give this story a ‘like’ to show support for these parents whose child was ripped away from them by disease.”

It doesn’t get much lower than that, ladies and gentlemen.

Now, to be fair, it looks as though they did remove that post.  But still, what kind of heartless social media manager would post that in the first place?


The summer at the Warhol

I’ve seen them popping up in City Paper, and I’d be they’re elsewhere as well, and CopyRanter over at Buzz Feed has picked up the awesome campaign for the Warhol.

This one is my favorite, even with the cringe it induces, and BuzzFeed is missing at least one (the firecracker underwear), unless there are more that I haven’t seen yet.

I’ve only been to the Warhol once, and I didn’t get to see much (I was volunteering as an usher for Pittsburgh Opera), which I know, makes me a bad Pittsburgher, but maybe this will be the kick in the pants for me to get there.

Nerve covers Anthrocon

I sadly missed Anthrocon this year.  For years it was the last weekend before I left for the summer and my coworkers and I would wander downtown on our lunch break to grab some pictures.  Usually of, and sometimes with the furries.

And they’re totally kind, awesome people!  But it was in July this month (I have no idea how they didn’t die from heat exhaustion), and I was otherwise engaged, so I missed it.

However, Nerve’s ongoing series, “Talking to Strangers” picked up the slack, and I was taken aback when I was at their homepage and thought to myself, “that bridge looks familiar.”

Check out the article, it’s totally worth it.  Don’t judge them too hard, they’re nice people, and harmless, and found a place where they can be themselves, if only we were all so lucky.  Oh yeah, and the massive amount of money they bring to the city each year.  That’s pretty awesome too.

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