Nerve covers Anthrocon

I sadly missed Anthrocon this year.  For years it was the last weekend before I left for the summer and my coworkers and I would wander downtown on our lunch break to grab some pictures.  Usually of, and sometimes with the furries.

And they’re totally kind, awesome people!  But it was in July this month (I have no idea how they didn’t die from heat exhaustion), and I was otherwise engaged, so I missed it.

However, Nerve’s ongoing series, “Talking to Strangers” picked up the slack, and I was taken aback when I was at their homepage and thought to myself, “that bridge looks familiar.”

Check out the article, it’s totally worth it.  Don’t judge them too hard, they’re nice people, and harmless, and found a place where they can be themselves, if only we were all so lucky.  Oh yeah, and the massive amount of money they bring to the city each year.  That’s pretty awesome too.

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