PATransit Tuesday: The future of ConnectCard?

Scientists from MIT teamed up with Boston’s public transportation agency and created the Sesame Ring (as in, “Open, Sesame”).

The ring operates with RFID technology, like the ConnectCard, and Boston’s equivalent, Charlie Card, which pays for trips when it is tapped/waved in front of a reader on the bus or T.

It’s a cool idea, and it was funded through Kickstarter to address the problem of people not being able to fish out their cards in time, but I have to wonder if that is really a problem.  I’ve never had a problem pulling out my card, and even when people have had to fish for their card, pass or money, the bus normally takes off and they pay or swipe what they need to as the route continues.

Either way though, it’s a cool idea, especially since you could get them customized, but I just don’t see the need of them, aside from being a cool fashion accessory.

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