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I’m a long-time reader of Slog, the blog of The Stranger, Seattle’s alternative weekly newspaper.  They have a lot of great information, and I’ve learned a ton about Seattle along the way (arts, food, transportation, politics, etc).

Well now, Pittsburgh City Paper is getting into the game with Blogh, which is of course, a genius name!  Slog has a great community of commenters, and I certainly hope that Blogh gets the same.

Now, Blogh may have been around for a while, but they’ve started really pushing it with ads in the printed edition, which drove me to check it out.

What I missed in 2011, part the third

Three other things that missed in 2011.  First up, the creche, outside of the USX Tower may be in jeopardy.  The endowment that makes it possible is close to empty (for its budget).  Also, I never knew it was officially called the “Millenium Creche.”

A few friends of mine have started up a new blog, covering all kinds of things from a Pittsburgh perspective.  So far they’ve covered sports, science, video games, politics and pop culture.  Check out Tri-River talk here.

And lastly, as part of Health Care Reform, states are able to create their own health care exchanges.  PA is working on their own (which I had no idea we were), and is set to open in two years.  Seems pretty awesome, check out some of the details here.

That’s all I’ve found so far, but there may be some more coming up.  Let me know in the comments what stories from 2011 you liked the best, and which ones you want me to revisit this year.

Another trip for 101 Achievements

I’ve posted before about an awesome local blog called 101 Achievements, but I need to post this one as well, seeing as I busted out laughing:

And then Michael decided we would play a game called 'baby Jessica stuck in the well.' Except that baby Jessica's well wasn't freaking HAUNTED.

Love it.  Check out the blog for more Pittsburgh awesomeness.

Anyone need a blogger

I don’t know how long this will be up, hopefully I can pop in with some more info later, but anyone looking for a blogger, I feel as though I’m going to be free very soon and looking for a new home online…

OMGPittsburgh is a possibility, or maybe I’ll start something myself, but how would people find me.  Sigh.  I love blogging here, who knows, maybe we’ll get another miracle!

Contact me here!

Blog to read: 101 Achievements

I’ve mentioned before on here about my involvement with National Novel Writing Month.  One of the cool things about it, is how writers across Pittsburgh get together for write-ins.  These, along with our kick-off and Thank God It’s Over parties are put together by our Municipal Liaison, Jenn.

She has an awesome blog which I wanted to spotlight, called 101 Achievements.  The idea is her and her husband working on accomplishing 101 different tasks, many of which revolve around cultural and food events in Pittsburgh.  Be sure to check out, and you can track their progress by seeing which achievements have been linked on the sidebar.

My favorite achievement they’ve done?  Number 86: Celebrate something imaginary in a nice restaurant.  They get tons of points for the props they used:

Rumored: Shadyshide hopsital on lock down

Update: I’m filing this one under rumor for now, I haven’t been able to find any source documenting this, save for word on the street, but since that is second hand, I’m still searching.  UPMC Shadyside’s site doesn’t list anything out of the ordinary, but it may be that they don’t have a dark site, or this may not warrant the use of it.  Either way, I’ll keep updating as I find out more.  And besides, who doesn’t want to watch the awesome performance from Point Park!

I’m searching for sources at the moment, but I’m getting word that Shadyshide Hospital is under lock down due to soap dispensers being filled with urine.

I’m trying not to blame all the crazy things on the G-20 and all the ruckus surrounding it.  And I don’t know for certain if it was a protester.  But either way, I’m going to let Ginny take this one:

You throw a brick through a window in Pittsburgh and I will hate you and everything you stand for and if you so much as ask me for directions to your tent city, I will send you on a path so ridiculous you’ll end up in the scariest parts of the Hill District, or as we call it, Westhampsminstershire, where you’ll beg those very police you hate, to save your miserably misguided life.However, you sing and dance about it, you bring me joy while telling me what you’re so pissed off about, hell, I’m going to listen to you and then quickly guide you back to your tent city, and maybe even stop on the way to buy you a donut.


(h/t to Her Majesty)

Fightin’ Words!

Over at Chris Cooley’s Blog, his brother (at least I think TC is his brother) posted an article comparing Alex Ovechkin to Crosby.  Of course, for whatever reason, TC, as well as the other contributors to the site have an irrational hatred of everything Pittsburgh (take a look at FWC’s blog post on the sidebar).

Well, a good old fashioned flame war is starting in the comment section, and Pittsburgh fans have been chiming in, defending Sid and the city.  While I can’t condone any sort of mean spirited discussion, and like every other online argument no one wins, head on over if you want to join the fray, or at least raise your blood pressure a little bit.

Update: Now it appears that comments have been disabled.  Pittsburgh seemed to have the majority of the recent comments the last time that I checked, but really it had just fallen apart into name calling and rude comments (from all sides invovled mind you).  But hey, we can chalk it up for a win if we want.  Oh you crazy interwebs and your drama.

Countdown to XLIII: 5

One of my all time favorite bloggers, PittGirl, is back for Super Bowl week.  She’ll be blogging over at Have a Good Sandwich.  Make sure to check it out!  And while she said she won’t be doing as many updates as she once did at her own site (thankfully giving my F5 key a rest), it’s still great to be reading her thoughts and everyone’s comments.

The only problem I have is that I forget who all the characters are.  I know who The Duke of Fug and the Earl of Gross is, but otherwise, I feel I need a primer on all the characters again…

3 Websites – Remodeling, Outdoors and Maps

Here are 3 websites that have looked at today that I think are worth sharing:

  • Bless This DIY Mess is a blog about a couple that has moved to Pittsburgh and is documenting their experience remodeling an older home in Highland Park. I really like this post about the history of their piano and the piano doctor.
  • Venture Outdoors has launched a new website – you can now sign up for any of their many awesome activities online. Is is easier to search for things to do too. A much welcomed improvement for a great organization. If you aren’t familiar with Venture Outdoors you should be – they make it very very easy for anyone to participate in outdoor activities – never tried hiking, biking, skating, kayaking? They have a beginner session for you. They bring the gear, maps, saftey info – you just have to show up.
  • Null Space is a blog that I have been keeping an eye on for a while. A friend just sent me the link again today and reminded me of all of the great info that is provided here.Chris Briem works in at Pitt for the Program in Urban and Regional Analysis.  His blog offers some great insight into local issues and some great maps to illustrate his blog posts.  Check out this post on congressional redistricting and why Tim Murphy wont endorse McCain.  He also includes some great photos – I like this one from Flag Day 1941.

Writers Wanted

We are looking for some new bloggers here at the Pittsburgh Metroblog.

About Metroblogging:

Metroblogging is a conversation about the city – there are over 50 city specific Metroblogs around the world. As an author you get the opportunity to write for this international network of bloggers. It is really interesting to hear what other cities are covering an occasionally we blog across cities. When you travel you can blog in another city – I blogged Hawaii last year.

If you have one of those fancy smancy cell phone cameras you can even write a blog post write from your phone.  We encourage mobile blogging – see something interesting on the street – send it in and share with Pittsburgh.

You can write about anything you want – post photos, video, a restaurant review, a rant – the possibilities are endless.

The Requirements:

  • You can write about anything you want, but it must relate to Pittsburgh
  • We are looking for people that will write 3 posts per week

The Rewards:  Sorry blogging doesn’t pay, yet – but this is a great way to get your name and writing out there to a wider audience.  You are also welcome to link to your website or blog on your author profile.

Want to join the fun? Questions? – email me info – at –

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