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Grass cutting made easy

One of the blogs from the Post-Gazette I follow is Gardening with Doug.  I like to think I inherited a green thumb, and I may have, at least compared to those around me.

But anyway, on a weekend like this, hopefully, you’re not outside cutting the grass (or at least you’re waiting until it cools down in the evening).  However, you should check out this post, where Doug reviews a grass-cutting robot.

I remember some of the original robots being much smaller, looked flimsy and couldn’t handle many hills, so it basically made them worthless for Pittsburgh, but this new one looks much more sturdy.  Hopefully the price comes down, that would be awesome!

Enjoy the long weekend!

Spring comes to Penn Station


The Story of Stuff

This is probably old news, but I just got around to clearing some e-mails out of my inbox and came across one from my friend Tom, leading me to The Story of Stuff, a web video talking about sustainability as it applies to the consumer cycle.

The Pittsburgh connection?  Allegheny College is a sponsor and hosts the documentary and website and has launched initiatives as a result of it.

I’ve only watched the first two sections, but am hoping to watch some more.  Even if I do find it a bit snarky and preachy, it’s a good video, with an awesome art style, and it is important.  Check out the youtube channel here (which won’t let me embed anything) or the official website here.

Friday afternoon mental health break

For your Friday afternoon mental health break, I would just like to add how much I want my own special playground with slide!


While the rest of the ‘Burgh was desperately trying to stay warm as the wind chill dipped to -4 degrees, a few of the penguins at the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium got to go outside and enjoy the weather. As part of the zoo’s animal enrichment program, designed to give animals new sensory experiences, aquarists take the penguins outdoors when the weather is appropriate, letting them play in the snow and enjoy a small penguins-only playground behind the aquarium, complete with a tiny slide.

Waffle Shop Week: Friday

Welcome to tonight’s Featured Presentation!  For your viewing pleasure, “Nighthawks” episodes 1-4  Honestly, each one is better than the one before it (and no, don’t just jump to episode 4…fine, go ahead).  Come back this weekend for two more installments of Waffle Shop Week!


Episodes 3 and 4 after the jump.


Waffle Shop Week: Thursday

In today’s show:

  • The best entrance ever!
  • Mandatory vasectomies
  • Dating contracts
  • The repeat of Pittsburgh Pete
  • Thanksgiving poetry…?
  • Peacocks and llamas!
  • Buddhist philosophy

(Language NSFW)


Polamalu on cover of Madden NFL 10

Troy Polamalu, as well as Larry Fitzgerald, will be on the cover of Madden NFL 10.

This marks the first time that two athletes have been on the cover of Madden.  Kaotaku reports on it here.

Hopefully, the Madden Curse will be exercised by the addition of a second player on the cover.

Waffle Shop Waffle Show: Episode 4

Waffle Shop has just released episode four of Waffle Show.  In this episode:

  • Spice Girls
  • Moxie
  • Farkles
  • New host
  • Giraffes getting into knife fights
  • The musician’s life
  • State rivalries

A couple observations: Didn’t we already see the Farkle video, as part of a preview maybe?  Also, I’ve never heard the term before.  I’ve heard other words used in place of it, but never that one.  Also, I keep hoping that in one of the episodes someone will do a full-on Wash impression from Serenity, but nothing yet, although the scene with the giraffe was quite amusing.

Part one is below, the rest (parts two and three and the interlude) are after the break.



Pittsburgh going green

A new website with a ridiculously long URL ( has launched, urging residents of Pittsburgh to go green by taking little steps.

This month’s project: replace incandescent light bulbs with compact florescent light bulbs.  I really like CFLs, however, I’ve always been of the mind that you should wait until the old ones burn out, otherwise, aren’t you just needlessly adding waste?

Yeah, the carbon offset is a big pay-off, but maybe instead of replacing, this month you can take the step to purchase CFLs and then as you need them at home, replace.

To join the site you have to live in one of the neighborhoods within the city limits…so I lied a little bit.

Trees, Surveillance and some witches

Did you know that there are trees being watched downtown?  Take a look:

Seriously, no touching.  I went to see Wicked, and it was amazing!  If you get a chance, check it out, there are still tickets to some of the weekday shows I believe.  And for fun, here’s a pic of one of the trees I wasn’t touching:

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