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Mr. Rogers goes viral

I feel like I’ve been talking about Mr. Rogers a lot lately, but then again, he’s so amazing, and such an important part of so many people’s lives, I think it’s okay.

“Mr. Rogers Remixed” is a partnership between PBS and mash-up artist John D. Boswell.  Check it out here, if you haven’t already seen it.

More Mr. Rogers

I’ve been clearing out a lot of backlogged links, so if you saw this before, my apologies, but it’s always good to hear more abut Mr. Rogers, even if I just posted about him the other day.

Andrew Sullivan shares stories about his interactions with a young man with cerebral palsy here, and readers offer their own thoughts and reflections here.

Mr. Rogers for adults

There is an amazing new YouTube channel, taking clips from Mr. Rogers, from his shows, interviews behind-the-scenes footage, and edits them together for one minute clips.

The clips are great lessons for adults, and it’s so amazing to be reminded of how kind and gentle of a man he really was. It makes me miss him even more.

The clips are planned to be aired before movies around the area, and I can’t wait to see that.

Check out the YouTube channel here.

Krenn Watch

As you’ve probably heard by now, Jim Krenn of the DVE morning show is no longer on the air.

As is normal with radio, very often, you never know a change is coming (as is the case with change in formats as well as talent changes).  The only exception I can remember is way back when, when 1250 was going through a lot of changes, I remember a special last show for Ann Devlin.

Otherwise, it’s just a quick change and moving on as if nothing happened.  To keep updated, check out Where’s Krenn?

Concerning Penn State

I will have a long post up about the Penn State scandal when I have some time to compose my thoughts, and use a full keyboard.

In the meantime, the New York Times is reporting that JoePa may be gone within the next few days.  And here is the full, front-page editorial from The Patriot News (pretty impressive to have that kind of article and layout, but that is another article for another blog).

The real sign of the start of the Holidays

It’s not Light Up Night (don’t sue me!), it’s not the sales, it’s not even the ridiculous lead up to ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas (now we’re counting down until they awkwardly try to justify non-holiday movies in their lineup).

You know the holidays are staring when you see this on tv (and there have been sightings already, as reported to me by my Facebook Feed):


Shake ups on the airwaves

If you’ve turned on a radio this week, things are different.  I’m sure I’m missing some of the changes, but here is what I’ve found so far:

  • DVE’s morning show got split up
  • B94 is sports talk now (I guess to compete with 1250)
  • Bubba is now back at Star on the morning show
  • The B94 set list has been merged in with Star’s

That’s what I’ve found so far.  There are probably more details and rumors floating around, I’m still getting used to everything, not that radio is a huge factor in my life.  Is it sad that I still miss the days of talk radio 1250 with Lynn Cullen, Ann Devlin and Uncle Dougie?

Sid the penguin and crazy division

SidI’m pretty sure that WTAE reported on this before, but of course, with the Stanley Cup finals going on, it’s a good piece to run again. I had a chance to go to the Aviary and see Sid, and I had a blast. I had never been there before, and the whole experience was so much fun. I did find out that I ended up going through the entire place backwards, but I still maintain that I did it correctly, because if you go through the “correct” way, the quotes hanging from the ceiling down the one hallway would be unreadable.

But I would like to draw attention to this quote from the article:

“He can eat up to a pound of fish a day by himself,” said Erin Estell, manager of animal programs at the aviary. “He only weighs about five pounds. In the wild, that is like a fifth of their body weight that they are eating.”

As opposed to when they are in captivity and division is different…?

But I digress. If you get a chance, go check out the Aviary. The schedule (and website) of the Aviary has changed since I’ve been there, and it looks like you can meet Sid and the other penguins Monday and Tuesdays in the atrium.

Click here for the National Aviary

Added: Oh my goodness, I either broke, confused or outsmarted the coding of Metblogs….this entry has no related entries!

Added again: Never mind, it found something!

Go Zombies!

Hockey is a pretty big deal in this town – well, it’s a big deal as long as the Penguins are winning. Ok, maybe it’s a big deal all the time, but people like me (that is, people who don’t like sports) don’t notice it unless the Penguins are winning. So, the Pens are doing well this year, eh? I guess that’s cool, if you’re into it.

Anyway, the Pittsburgh area has a hockey team that interests me way more than the Penguins interest me, except this more interesting team doesn’t exist except in a movie and it’s not spending millions of dollars on a new rink or whatever.

Ladies and gentlemen: the Monroeville Zombies!


Kevin Smith, the director of Zack and Miri Make a Porno, is a bit of a geek, which typically includes being a fan of zombies and zombie movies. Monroeville Mall was the location of the original Dawn of the Dead. Aside from that, Smith’s new movie was filmed in Pittsburgh, creating a perfect little package of Pittsburgh/nerdy/zombie/Kevin Smithy references.

The movie opens on October 31st. Duh.

A Boring Google Lawsuit

Google Street View has been discussed in this space before, since Pittsburgh is one of the few cities to have it. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a way for people to look at urban topography from the sidewalk – a human’s eye view, which is a far more useful navigational tool than a bird’s eye view.

The Boring family is suing Google for driving into their private driveway and including the resultant images in its searches. They might actually have a case, since the Smoking Gun shows how intrusive Google’s camera car appeared to be (in these pictures, specifically).

The legal side isn’t what interests me. Instead, we look to the Associated Press’s article about the invasion of privacy suit, which makes great pains to blast the Boring door wide open with information freely available on the Allegheny County website!

Anybody interested in purchasing property in the area knows about the utility of the county’s real estate website. There is far more information there than a series of multi-angle photographs, as the Associated Press indicates in its coverage. It makes one ask the question, possibly to oneself or even possibly to others: is it ok for the government to compile and offer this kind of information to anybody, instantly, and yet not ok for a private company like Google to take pictures of somebody’s front yard?

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