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And I’m back.

Apologies dear readers, we had a big event at work, and after all the planning, for the actual event, I ended up working five 17-hour plus days in a row.

So needless to say, nothing got posted here for a while.  Nor did I really sleep or enjoy life.  But now I’m back, and what an awesome day, the beginning of the Pens Preseason!

Anyway, I’ll have lots to post over the next few days, so stick around.  I’m also going to remove he sticky post asking for writers.  I had a bunch of people interested, and I’m working on getting them added.  In the meantime though, if you want to write, just contact me!

A note about the ads

So, I typically work from Firefox, it, like many other browsers, have made it easy to block ads on websites, so rarely do I even see things flashing on webpages anymore.

And, I’m sure, as most of you know, ads are placed by algorithoms.  So when you come across, say a website about Pittsburgh, with an entry titled, “Holy Shit” of course the fancy coding will place an ad for Santorum.

As someone who lives in Southwestern Pennsylvania, I like to take any opportunity I can to apologize for Santorum.  But I can’t help but smile at the fun ad placement (and hopefully wasted money from his “campaign”).

Coming up on Metblogs

Couple fun things coming up.  First up, later this week, Quantum Theatre invited me out to see “Twelfth Night,” so once more, I”m going on an adventure!  I always look forward to trips to Quantum, as it lets me explore Pittsburgh a little bit more (even though I get a little nervous about finding a legal place to park), and this time is no exception.  I’ll have more about that later this week.

Also, I’m helping out CMU (when will I ever be able to type those words again?!) with the beta test of their new Tiramisu Transit app for Android (already released for iOS).  I’ll be making my way to Oakland later this week, as I try to avoid the Batman filming, to get it installed on my phone.  But I’m really excited to try out a new transit app, esepcially one that utilizes crowdsourcing.  RouteShout doesn’t always like to work, and of course, is based entirely on the time tables, not actual conditions.

I have a couple other things in the works as well, so keep an eye out as I ramp back up after my light summer schedule.

Looking for writers

As I mentioned briefly before, I’m looking for more writers.  Click through to read more, including the free stuff you get for writing!  New posts appear below.


This is your captain speaking

This is your Captain speakingSo here’s the big update.   As you can see, we’re not going away!  The servers went down for a few hours, and again later for about ten minutes for some maintenance, but we’re here to stay.

Mobile uploading is up, and I’ll be testing it out tomorrow, so look for a post as I walk up The Hill (I’ll give you a hint, it involves Fleury).

The other big news (at least to me), is that I’m now officially the city captain!  Now I’ll be able to bug people to add them as authors.  I’ll have another post up about that, but basically, I want more people to write for Metblogs.  I’ve gotten all kinds of free tickets and invited to cool events since I’m a writer for Metblogs.  I’ll even throw in author meet-ups (maybe every other month or so), and I’ll buy the first round of drinks.

Authors just need to be able to post a few times a week as they’re able, and the posts have to be about Pittsburgh.  Other than that, you’re free to write about anything.  I write a lot about theater and transportation, as well as things I see as I walk around town, but you can cover whatever you want.  But like I said, I’ll post more about that later.

There are some cool things coming down the pipe, I can’t wait to help roll them out.  In the meantime, if you have any suggestions as to what you want to see, hit me up in the comments, I’m always happy to do a new project (like The July Project), or cover what people are interested in.

Thanks for reading, I’m really glad you’re here.

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Anyone need a blogger

I don’t know how long this will be up, hopefully I can pop in with some more info later, but anyone looking for a blogger, I feel as though I’m going to be free very soon and looking for a new home online…

OMGPittsburgh is a possibility, or maybe I’ll start something myself, but how would people find me.  Sigh.  I love blogging here, who knows, maybe we’ll get another miracle!

Contact me here!

Another note on Metblogs

Just a quick note to everyone: we’re back!

Something went kaplooie with the Metblogs database and we were down for about a week and a half.  We’re back up though, and I’m very glad to be back.  Five stories were lost, but I had saved copies of them elsewhere, so they now appear below (although one is missing a graphic I deleted, and another is missing the links to two videos).  Some things are still being worked out, videos that were embedded I don’t think are working at the moment, so I’ll adjust accordingly.  The comments from those posts are gone (at least I think), which is a shame, there were some nice conversations going on in the YinzCam and Conflict Kitchen posts.  But, we live to blog another day, so I couldn’t be happier.  Once again, I would like to make mention of my post, “A note on Metblogs.”

Also, in case you hadn’t noticed, the Steelers are playing in the Super Bowl this weekend.  I had a bunch of things to post about that, I’ll try to get a Steelers recap post up later today.

As always, thanks for reading.

Programming Note

Just a quick programming note for everyone, I will be helping to run an event for 10,000 people this weekend, so I’ll be on location most of this week and part of next week (that is the current thinking at least).

I have a few posts that are scheduled to appear as the week goes on.  If something major happens in town, it’s not that I don’t want to cover it, it’s that I can’t (even though it appears I’ll still be writing).  This will be the last huge event for me for a while and I get back to a normal schedule.

Have a great one, and I’ll catch you soon!

A note on Metblogs

There has been a lot of excitement over the last week or so about the future of Metblogs.  You’ve probably seen the box up above as it has changed.  Thankfully, it is now showing a much more positive message than it had been at one point.

Jason and Sean have done an awesome job and with the public’s support, we’re able to stay open.  They wrote:

We’re so amazingly humbled by you guys that we just don’t have the words to adequately express our gratitude so we’re just going say thank you and hope you understand how much it means to us. We’re extremely excited about the next steps and without your support we wouldn’t be able to take them. So seriously, thanks again everyone.

I don’t know exactly what the future of Metblogs will hold.  I know that some cities, as well as the Hub are going away.  As far as I know, it will only be inactive cities that are going away for now.  So for now, I’ll keep plugging away, I love writing for Metblogs, and even though sometimes I know I don’t cover enough, and I know I am only one person in this big old blogosphere, I’m happy to add my perspective on this amazing city.  I’m not the captain, but if you’d like to join me and write for Pittsburgh Metblogs, let me know, and I’ll do everything I can to get you added.

In the meantime, please head over and read the goodbye post, which includes some awesome statistics about the Metblogs network, as well as the announcement of our continued existence.  And if you feel so inclined, feel free to pitch in a couple bucks, Jason and Sean have paid for this out of their own pockets and could use a little bit of help if you’re able.

Across the network, authors have been dishing out their feelings about Metblogs (make sure to check out why metblogs matter), and truth be told, we all have a good time, we wouldn’t be here if we didn’t.  (For once) I don’t have anything to add, just know that I’m very happy to be here, and I hope that you enjoy reading the site.  In the words of one of my favorite authors:

This is for you

The Lost Articles

Just a quick programming note to everyone, there were a couple posts that didn’t quite make it through the tubes intact.  I think I’ve fixed them all.  If not, let me know, but just in case, here they are.  I’ll be scheduling another post in the next few days to test that out again, so we’ll see what happens.

PATransit Tuesday: Ladies and Gentlemen, Zone 3!

PATransit Tuesday: Construction on MLK Busway

At the Zoo

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