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Yinz Luv

One of my favorite people that I’ve never met, Jim Shearer is back!  You probably know him from VH1, MTV or the Yinz Luv series.

Between Yinz Luv da Stillers and That’s Church’s What They Were Really Thinking, I actually knew what was going on with the Steelers.  Shearer also does a great series about the Pens (da ‘Guins) and they’re both a lot of fun to watch.

And now he’s back with Yinz Luv: Radio.  He presents a great mix of music known and unknown (so many points for playing Mika), and honestly, I know he has stated he wants to come back to Pittsburgh, I don’t know why a local radio station doesn’t pick him up.

Give it a listen here, subscribe in your media player of choice (Zune, iTunes, etc).

Question about the Creche

To anyone to works in the Steel Building, or walks past it, quick question.  Is this the first year there is music?  I don’t seem to remember Christmas carols the last three years being played.  Each day when I walk past I pause my Zune (I know, I know, but I love it) and try to hear it over the noise of traffic.

VGL Show cancelled on Thursday, Friday show still has tickets left

Video Games Live is returning to Heinz Hall, for their Bonus Round concert (due to demand, they were asked to return less than nine months after their last show).  This time, the set list includes Final Fantasy VIII, Sonic, Assassin’s Creed II, Shadow of the Colossus, BioShock, Mass Effect, StarCraft II, Mega Man, an interactive Frogger segment as well as the world premier of a new Guitar Hero segment.

Thursday’s show has been cancelled, but ticket holders can call the PSO to get a refund or move the tickets to the Friday performance:

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause people.  This is the first time in our 5 years of touring that anything like this has happened but unfortunately it is something completely out of everyone’s control.

I highly recommend the concert, if you want more information, check out their website here.


Encore!, originally uploaded by Mike @

Star Wars in concert

VGL comes to Pittsburgh

Yesterday, Video Games Live announced 45 new shows, including two in July to be held at Heinz Hall.  Video Games Live puts on a show will a full symphony orchestra, including pieces from Tetris, Mario, Halo, Myst, Zelda, Rainbow Six and many more.  The show features stage performers, video of the games , an interactive video game experience for a few lucky fans and a pre-show festival.

The show was supposed to come to Pittsburgh in 2006, but a good portion of the tour had to be cancelled, and they haven’t been here yet.

More information about VGL can be found here.

Help me Steve Jobs, you’re my only hope

So I don’t have an iPod per se, I have a sansa mp3 player, but that is besides the point.  Point is that people might have new mp3 players that need to be filled with music now that we’re through the bulk of the holidays.  I recently posted over on my blog about the podcasts I’ve been listening to and finding, but I want some more suggestions, so read on and comment away.

So until Windows Media Player decides that podcasts are a good thing, I use iTunes for podcasts and podcasts only, but the iTunes store has some great listings.  Included in my subscriptions are two local podcasts: DVE’s Jim and Randy will talk to anyone, which includes the week in review from Carbolic Smoke Ball, and the Post-Gazette’s Tech Talk.

I have another local one, Should I Drink That, ready to go to see if I like it, but it hasn’t come around yet on shuffle.

The Post Gazette offers a whole bunch of podcasts, ranging from culture to sports and all kinds of other subjects, so definitly look them up in the iTunes store for some local listening.  And if you’re looking for more podcasts, check out the aforementioned iTunes store, of Podcast Alley.

Any good local (or non-local) ones that I missed but should listen to, let me know in the comments.

Flow Fest


Even in the rain, the Flow Fest on Washington’s Landing today was a delight. Sponsored by PA CleanWays of Allegheny County, it’s a free art/music/eco festival celebrating Pittsburgh’s Rivers and it’s going on until 5:00 today. Great music, people to talk to, and hands-on art-making for all ages.


No music like ‘burgh music

The Homegrown Hoo-ha is happening this weekend at the Post-Gazette Pavilion.

An all-day event, the concert will feature some of Pittsburgh’s best, including (my favorite) The Clarks, Rusted Root, Donnie Iris, and Good Brother Earl, among others.

I am always impressed by The Clarks’ live shows, and imagine that they will continue to exhibit their modest yet sensational performances this weekend. With two live sets and several other performances, it will be a considerable celebration of Pittsburgh’s most recognized musicians.

There’ll even be fireworks.

Tickets are on sale at Live Nation.

Shows That Will Rock (chairs included)


I know I’m getting older now that my first thought when I hear about an upcoming show is whether or not I’ll get to sit. It’s a sad fact of life, but ultimately I’ve made peace with my transition from an angry mosh-pit teen to a tired oldie who just wants a seat, and maybe a beer, during the show.

Needless to say, I’m quite excited about several shows this next month or so that feature some of my favorite female performers with the added bonus of chairs.

On July 2, Sarah Shannon comes to Club Cafe for the 7:00pm show. Formerly of Velocity Girl, Sarah’s solo albums are more lounge-singer than indie-rock, but I’ll be sure to catch this show since I never miss a chance to support my indie-idols of yesteryear (do you know how many times I’ve seen Juliana Hatfield?).

Later in the month, the Cultural District Live Series brings Neko Case (pictured above rocking a Penn State t-shirt) & Lucinda Williams to the Byham Theater.

Then, on August 1, Patti Smith performs at the Carnegie Library Music Hall of Homestead. According to the Tribune-Review, Pete Zorn also plays there on August 14. I’m assuming that this is actually referring to Pete Yorn and is also a sign that the Trib is actively searching for a sassy new entertainment reporter who actually knows the name of popular musicians (note to Trib: call me!).

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