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Watch This: The Puffy Chair

I am not sure how I first heard about this movie, it may have been at Pittsburgh Filmmakers earlier this year, but I added it to my Amazon wish list which is my new way to keep track of books and movies that look interesting but that I just don’t have time for right now.

I must say I was intrigued by the title and image of the big purple puffy chair, I think it reminds me of this orange chair that used to be in the living room at my mom’s house, it is an ugly orange plaid chair, but everyone loves it so the orange chair still has a home in the basement.

Conveniently, Netflix has hundreds of movies that you can watch online and the Puffy Chair is currently available to watch now. The wikipedia page for The Puffy Chair links to this Wired article about how Netflix has become a distributor of indie films.

This was an absolutely delightful movie – funny and serious at the same time. The actor who plays the younger brother does an amazing job with the character. The movie is less about the chair and more about the relationships of the lead character and his girlfriend. This film has the vibe of a modern day Singles or Reality Bites but just focuses on 3 people. While I think this is a great film, it is not a good choice for a romantic Valentine’s Day movie. The music selection for this movie was excellent – some great choices. More info available on the film’s website.

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