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CMU Studies Grammar

A new study from Carnegie Mellon shows that using using proper grammatical structure in passwords, actually makes them easier to crack.

Guess I’ll need to make some changes.

You can check out the report here.

Another local kickstarter

I like to take a look at local Kickstarter projects, and today I’d like to feature one called DropKicker, from some of the people who bring us Obscure Games.

DropKicker helps to kick bad habits, and they have a variety of donation levels, including stickers, apps, and even access to all future projects.

Check it out here, and if you have a bad habit, maybe a little bit of technology can give you that boost to quit it!

Bing…and decide, or something like that

You should check out Bing today (I know, it’s still a thing!), they have a beautiful view of Pittsburgh at night as their daily background (thanks, and this is totally real, to one of the monks and a former classmate of mine at St. Vincent for bringing this to my attention).

You probably already know all the pop-up facts that they offer, but it’s a neat snapshot of the city, especially for those who don’t love it here as much as we do.

Oh yeah, and it’s also a search engine or something (I kid, I kid…I have a Zune.  But even I use google search).

Another Awesome Pittsburgh App Creator: Levlr

I wrote a few weeks ago about the awesome Pittsburgh app creator that made iBurgh, which has helped make my commute safer.  Today, I’d like to highlight an app creator that has added a cool fun way for businesses to interact with customers.

Levlr is based in East Liberty and crated the Levlr platform, which allows brands to interact with their customers and fans.  Their highlight application is Beerby (rhymes with Near by), and allows users to track and find beer.

Bars and restaurants are able to put their beers lists in the system (or patrons can add drinks and tag their locations as they drink), and players log their drinks and earn achievements, known as Badgers.

I’ve linked up with a couple friends, and it’s an easy way to discover new craft and micro brews by seeing what they’ve recently drank. I”m not going to lie, it’s always a fun rush to see your name at the top of the list of a beer.  I don’t have an xBox, so these are the only Achievements I can really work on!

The folks at Levlr are also really awesome, always adding special new Badgers, setting up meet ups around Pittsburgh and being amazing advocates for breweries large and small.

Beerby is available for both iPhone and Android, and the Levlr platform is in testing, but if you’d like your company to get involved with it, make sure to check it out!

Another great Twitter feed to follow

May I suggest that you follow the Pittsburgh Zoo on Twitter:

This also allowed me to use the “Charlie Sheen” tag.  I feel fulfilled.

Shape Up, Pittsburgh!

Nerve is reporting on a new “study” by FourSquare about the rudest cities, and Pittsburgh comes in forth.  I put study in quotation marks because it is not clear how this was measured:

So really it reads more like a list of the cities with the most expletive-worthy locations — positive, negative or otherwise.

Well, at least we’re not $&#@ing Manchester.

#Pgh Shorty Awards

Congratulations to this year’s #PGH shorty awards, including second place Linsday of I heart Pittsburgh!  Also up there, Sally Wiggin’s Hair and Ginny from That’s Church.

Congratulations to everyone, and thanks to Lindsay and I heart Pittsburgh for spearheading the push for a Pittsburgh category!

Awesome Pittsburgh App developer

What you’re looking at is the screen that greets the user when you open up iBurgh.  I’ve tried to use it before, but without success, however this morning, I successfully submitted unsafe sidewalk conditions.

It’s an extension of the city’s 311 service,  I’ve called that before to report a nasty pothole, and to their credit, a few days later, it was taken care of, so I’m hoping this has the same affect, although with the coming snow, I’m not sure.

Like I said, I’ve tried to use this app once before, but it seems to take the GPS a long while to find itself, so I hope that in a future release that gets worked out, or better yet, users are able to add pictures from their album.  Right now, you have to take a live picture and then upload it, or lose the picture.  That could potentially be unsafe.

The developer, YinzCam, also has apps for Heinz Field (you have to be inside to use it on game day) and the Penguins (news, videos and extra cameras if you’re inside the Consol Center).  They do really awesome work, make sure to check them out in the Android Marketplace or the iTunes App Store.

Download Pittsburgh, or at least, The Pitt

March 24 will mark the release of the second downloadable content pack for Fallout 3, named “The Pitt.”  It is set in a future, desolate Pittsburgh, but other than that, I’m completely unfamiliar with it, seeing as I’ve never played any of the Fallout games.

If you have an XBox 360 or the game for Windows Live, check it out.  The third content pack, “Broken Steel” is set to be released in April, no word yet on where it will be set.

Trailer after the break, click through to see it (mature content).  I watched it and saw a couple familiar bridges and I think I spotted PPG Place.

(h/t to Portland Mercury)


Oakmont, Mystic Rock go digital

Garmin’s new G5 is a GPS type device for golf courses.  It shows you each hole and all kinds of other stuff.  I really don’t understand much about golf, I’ll go mini golfing, and I’ve enjoyed the two times I’ve been to a driving range, but otherwise it’s just not my cup of tea.

Anyway, the new G5 comes with a whole bunch of courses pre-loaded, including PGA-famous Oakmont Country Club and Mystic Rock at  Woodlands, host of the 84-Lumber Classic (when it still existed).

For all you golf fans, here’s a list of Pennsylvania courses that come preloaded.

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