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PATransit Tuesday: Seems about right

Taken from Awkward Transit:

I don’t know the question


But the answer is carrots!

I took this picture last week while walking outside Steel Plaza T Station, I think it’s some kind of community garden project maybe?

PATransit Tuesday: POPT

People of Public Transportation is one of my favorite blogs.  They recently released some statistics, and Pittsburgh shows up as having the second worst fashion.  But hey, at least we didn’t end up on one of the funniest categories: Cities where people refuse to use U-Haul.

Check out the list of “awards” here.

Frothy-Mix to start presidential campaign

Former senator from Penn Hills (when it suited him at least) Rick Santorum is slated to begin his bid for the Republican nomination June 6, from a local coal field.

While I don’t expect the campaign to last, seeing as he has been in the low single-digits in most recent Republican polls (but if your name isn’t out there, you don’t get the FOX news contracts after the race), it will certainly be shameful to once again watch this man in the national media.

Miley Cyrus, of all people blasted Santorum and Urban Outfitter’s support of his campaign.  Now this will be a dumb question, but wasn’t there some Pittsburgh/Miley Cyrus connection a year or so ago?  Someone marrying a Penguin player?  Or am I totally mixing things up in my head?

Lots of Smoke

Traffic at Mellon Arena

Inside Penn Station

PATransit Tuesday Bonus Update

Remember when I was taking bets about if my bus would be on time yesterday?

I think I owe you a dollar, because it was on time!  I don’t know if my constant complaining did the trick, and honestly, I don’t want to hold my breath, I still have to get home three more times this week.  We’ll see how this plays out.

Also, on a related note, I just found People of Public Transit (it’s like People of Walmart, but you know, for transit).  Here’s one of my favorites:

I have a feeling I’ll be referencing them a lot…

The July Project: Scope

A quick break from actual resolutions (although the second picture will have you searching and squinting I bet), I wanted to share the scope of the resolution wall from First Night.  There was also paper wrapped around to the two small sections which made the wall jut out from the storefront, but take a look at the main facade:



Inside Hofbrauhaus

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