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Frankenstorm is coming

The next big storm is coming, a great mix of Hurricane Sandy, a northern gale and another storm, combining at just the right moment.

The states around Pa, including us of course, are being warned that they will probably lose power for a portion of time, and the state is working on emergency plans already.

This image has been floating around Facebook, so if you need an emergency plan, this is good for you to use:

Please be safe out there, have a decent plan in place (first aid kit, flashlights, medications, water and food that doesn’t need heat or electricity) and make sure to stay away from roads that have standing water.

Holy shit

Guys, the earth just moved.  Like, shook our building up here in the Hill District.

I’m a little unnerved.  Reports are coming in from across the region, stay tuned.

Update: Here’s what’s being officially reported: 5.8 (preliminary) magnitude earthquake, centered in Virginia.  Friends are reporting (just log in to Facebook or Twitter) feeling it in Westmoreland County, downtown, North Shore, Erie and Dormont, among others.

Golf is weird

It’s been a very long two weeks, with no end in sight, but that’s okay, I guess, I don’t really need the sleep.  Anyway, yesterday, I was working a golf fundraiser for work.  Now, my experience with golf is in the miniature fashion.  I don’t really understand real golf.  But in the two years I’ve worked this event, here’s what I’ve learned:

  • Apparently, sometimes (but not for our event), you can buy mulligans.  That seems strange to me that you can buy a better score.
  • Some people do wear funny plaids.  Most don’t.
  • More people need to wear funny plaids.  And big berets.
  • There are some really awesome golf club covers and umbrellas.
  • Hot dogs injected with cheese and jalapenos are awesome!
  • Golf courses aren’t designed to soak up as much rain as we’ve been getting lately.
  • Golf course managers are very good at reading radar maps and keeping everyone safe (thanks!)

I still don’t know what club you use for what, or really how the game works, but when it wasn’t pouring or threatening us with lightning bolts, it was a fun day, I even got some work done outside between rounds.

Also, the staff at Cedar Brook are amazing, and the food was excellent, if you’re down near Route 70 and 51 (and throw 981 in there as well), stop in, it’s worth a trip!

So this is what Greensburg looked like…

I was driving on McKnightmare road when I got pummeled by rain.  However, nothing like this:

Photo credit: @junofive

Good gravy.  Stay dry and be safe out there!


It just became very moist outside

Just sayin’

World Record floatilla attempt

I haven’t heard one way or another if it was verified for the World Record book, but here is an absolutely amazing shot of the boats courtesy of Lindsay at I heart PGH:


In other news, it’s the kick-off of the Arts Festival, which of course means it’s Pittsburgh’s monsoon season.


If you’re stuck at home (and I hope you are, or at least someplace warm and safe), check out Mike Woycheck’s Twitter feed as he live blogs the Snowmaggedon in truly Carbolic Smoke Ball fashion.  Some gems include:

To avert Pittsburgh drivers from using major roadways, PennDOT erecting banners from recent Pittsburgh Pirates mktg. campaigns at roadside.

TERROR IN SHADYSIDE: Women are forced to shield their bronzed skin and styled hair from falling snow using Louis Vuitton handbags.

You can also watch the real Liveblogging, going on at WTAE (a combination of twitter feeds and user and reporter comments), but it is not nearly as entertaining.  Except in some kind of Schadenfreude way.

Stay warm and stay safe!  I can’t wait to see all the pictures tomorrow!

Update to add this thought: I typically hit the publish button, swear, then go back and spell check.  After the obligatory cursing, I went back to see what I misspelled, and had put a double ‘e’ instead of a double ‘g’ in ‘snowmaggedon.’  I’m going to assume that since it’s the title, that is why, but the correct spelling came up in spell check.  Awesome!

This weather makes me write bad haiku


oh my ice scraper
your time for rest arrived but
scrape again, baby

a bulb in darkness
the crocus waits – emerges to
warm sun. Then – smackdown!

blowing sideways past
my window: snow snow snow snow
in April? so cruel

Got one?

photo by rjax06 on flickr

Chop Wood, Cover Windows

Since the weather has finally been getting bad, I’ve finally started weatherizing the house. Weatherizing is a gerund meaning “do all kinds of nasty looking things to the house to keep the drafts out.”

I imagine I could spend $50 or so for each storm window. And risk my neck by putting them on the second floor. Or I could put a nice clear plastic covering on with the manufacturer-specified double-sided tape, remembering to clean the sills with an alcohol solution. Then I could use a hair dryer to get rid of all the wrinkles.

Instead, I put on a thick, gray, heavy plastic with package tape. Believe me, it gives the house a just squatted in look. Consider it the domestic version of trucker hats and PBR.

Weatherizing Kit

If you, like me, are staying at home today, here some warm things you can think about.

Hot tea
Hot Toddies
Hot Chocolate
Wool Mittens and Scarves
Body Contact (It is Valentine’s Day)
Long Underwear – I’ve heard WinterSilks is good (You have to love a silk merchant that uses NerdCaps), but L. L. Bean will serve as well)
Moving around briskly – As Aldo Leopold said, Wood makes you warm twice. The first time when you chop it, and the second time when you burn it.

Winter wonderland


I swear, a kid just walked down my street with a snowboard under his arm.

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