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Is it safe…

to run outside when it is this cold. It is just amazing how many people (at least 5 in just one neighborhood) I saw out running this evening while I was on my way home. It was too cold for me inside of my car, so I can’t imagine that it is warmer running around in just spandex and a long sleeve t-shirt. I am glad to see so many Pittsburghers embracing fitness, but is it actually safe to be running in this weather? Every news channel has been running stories about staying safe in the cold weather. (And it is interesting that cold weather seems to be the first topic that has diverted local news coverage from the Steelers since the Super Bowl in 2006).



We are on day two of school cancellations because of cold weather. My work is canceled as well. The unexpected holidays are lovely, and it is too cold to run errands, so no guilt is involved in staying cozy inside with library books, small craft projects, and Scrabble. Kids are already asking if there will be a delay tomorrow, but it is too early to tell. The good news is that temperatures should rise slowly over the course of the week so that by Saturday we’ll have a high temperature of 24 degrees Fahrenheit (via – practically tropical.

Snow day? or not…


I can remember being a kid and watching the school district cancellation notices scroll across the local television news. You’d watch for your school, trying not to get distracted or you’d have to sit through the list all over again. The web has changed the rhythm of snow holiday rituals. No more watching the anchor read the list aloud, while you root for your own particular section of the alphabet. You go online, pick a site, and keep hitting the “reload” button. You can even arrange to have the closings and delays sent to you via email…

Until a couple of years ago, snow days were a binary call in the city. Pittsburgh Public Schools had either school or no school – no half measures. However, the district has now switched to a policy of announcing a two-hour delay, which may or may not escalate into a full holiday, depending on conditions. And other schools in the district (independent, charter, and parochial) follow the city’s lead, as they share transportation. Sleeping in on a delay day is not nearly as much fun as a full holiday – for one thing, you have the suspense continue as you hope for the rest of the day off, and that makes it harder to luxuriate in the found time.

Still, two unexpected hours is a gift, and we enjoyed that last Friday.

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