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Fayettenam, the reality show

Musings from Fayettenam has the scoop on what could possibly be the best development in reality television, quite frankly ever:

Brianna Mitchell, founder and creator of the Brownsville Film Office, told the Fayette County Prison Board on Wednesday that she has been in contact with Leopard Films USA about the potential television reality series that would follow the lives of those who have entered into the county justice system and the process they encounter.

Nothing is set yet, it’s just an “interest,” but to quote:

PLEASE, BABY JESUS. I’ll revoke all my previous prayers if you just grant this one.

Dispatches from Fayette County

One of my new favorite blogs is “Musings from FayetteNam.”

Not only has it covered the recent ninja activities in the area, but also the ice cream truck wars:

On behalf of the children of the Nam, and myself even though I never manage to catch the truck that comes up here, give peace a chance. We need our ice cream.

What I saw today on 119 and 40

I may have a picture to go with this post, I have to go through my phone and see if it is salvageable.  But I went down to the depths of Fayette County today, and I have to say, it was the strangest trip (of too many to count) that I’ve ever driven.  Here is a partial list of what I witnessed:

  • Camels.  This is when I knew it was going to be a strange trip.
  • Two women from the Bruderhoff waving at passing traffic
  • More horse shit than I though would be possible
  • Nemacolin employees walking between facilities on the highway (you would think that Joe Hardy could afford a shuttle)
  • A charity car wash
  • More walkers going up and down the Summit than I have ever seen at one time
  • A stretch limo on back roads
  • A professional racing car

I will just say this: Good gravy.

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