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No Heart in "Filth"adelphia

Photo courtesy of jeletsgoflyers

Yep, that’s right. The “City of Brotherly Love” is anything but, when it comes to NHL hockey. One of the longest anti-social rivalries between teams in the modern NHL, this series is going to have it all: goals, goaltending, grit, fights and fan-smack.

Considering the Flyer’s ‘theme’ for this year has been “Vengeance,” paraded around town with gigantic bilboards of Riley Cote and his raised fists, it appears to all that the Broad Street Bullies never really left.

So Friday at 7:30 we’ve got Game One of the Intrastate Beatdown. Let’s look more in-depth at what the Flyers are going to have to face – and what the Pens have to look forward to, after the jump. (more…)

Pens Report: Jagr, Rangers…DENIED!

Photo courtesy of Dan4th

They entered enemy territory.

They suffered over 40 hits.

They saw over a five minute stretch of penalties, including nearly a minute of two five-on-threes.

They saw Jagr in prime early-90s form.

And yet…they scored 5 goals. Went 2-3 on the power play. Faced 39 shots, including a furious shot-clogged second period. Nine Penguins had at least a point tallied in the game. Malkin netted two power play goals; fitting in many ways, since news came earlier yesterday that he was one of the three finalists for the Hart trophy.

Once again, the Penguins come out on top.

If you saw the game last night, you know the feeling all of us are having today. If you didn’t, watch the highlights, because honestly, words can’t do it justice.

I’ll admit, Jagr looked great – it was like watching him back in ’92, tearing up opponents and being a menace to the opposing netminder. But the Penguins defense held up; Jagr only netted one goal on the evening despite putting out nearly 25% of the Ranger’s shots on goal. (And I’ll give him credit, his wraparound was a beautiful goal. Almost brought a tear to my eye…) But in the end, Fleury was a wall when needed, and that made the difference.

Game Four on Thursday, 7 p.m. Let’s finish this, Penguins!

080228 Marc-Andre Fleury, courtesy of Dan4th

Penguins Report: New York Beatdown

Photo courtesy of Sgt. Pepperedjane

Thank you, Penguins!

Thank you, Pens fans!

The last three days have been fantastic for me and my Penguins-crazed family in more ways than one.

Shall I count them?

Two wins over the hated Rangers, a furious and awesome comeback in Game One, a stonewalling shutout by Fleury in Game Two, and an Avery beatdown to segue into the next two games in New York. (The best view of the fight is at 1:15 in the video clip.)

What more could a Pens fan ask for?

Being at the game.

Well, ok, so I didn’t get that far.

Still, in watching the game from the comfort of my living room, surround sound on full blast, it felt like I was right there amongst the crowd at the Mellon Arena yesterday afternoon. The energy was electric, the noise awesome, and the outcome outstanding.

And I was thrilled to see my prediction come true. In the waning seconds of Game Two, Sean Avery did his usual annoying play and roughly tapped Fleury on the back as he moved to the front of the crease. As play wound down, Fleury did as any goalie would do defending his turf and slapped Avery in the back of the legs. Avery turned and tried to spear Fleury and was met with the fury of Hal Gill’s fists as they came flying out of his gloves. The shining moment? As Avery hit the boards, Laraque had skated over and grabbed him just as Gill led with a right.

Make note, New York: don’t mess with the Penguins.

The hockey world sat up and took notice after last night’s shutdown of the New York trapping game. The Pens didn’t just defend against it, they practically broke it. Transitions in the center were plentiful, the energy was 100% from start to finish, and the press into the Ranger’s zone was relentless. In this game, the Penguins proved that Ottawa wasn’t a fluke.

These guys want the Cup. And you know what? Every game they play, I think the reality is that much closer.

Now the quest to find a good location to watch Game Three on Tuesday. If any of you have suggestions to pass onto your fellow fans, please do so below. Until then, keep them towels waving!

It’s Towel Time!, courtesy of Sgt. Pepperedjane

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