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Seen on my walk Down the hill

Missed bus stops

Last Minute Reading

Are you a visitor to Pittsburgh trying to understand the city and its residents?  Have no fear, The Angry Drunk Buraucrat has you covered.  Check out the visitor’s guide (even if you’re from Pittsburgh, these are must reads!):

  • Part one: Overview, geography, transportation
  • Part two: Getting around, things to see and do
  • Part three: Eating, learning, shopping and sports
  • Part four: Weather, government, language

Or, are you from Pittsburgh and looking to make sure you give a good first impression of our great city?  Carbolic Smoke Ball has you covered with numerous tips, including:

Actually, the yelling is a good idea.  They may not understand English, but if you speak very slowly and practically scream at them, that could help them learn our language on the spot

This might be my new favorite G-20 related site: Don’t be a G-20 Jackass.  I’ll be posting some of my thoughts about the G-20 later, and this will be incorporated.

PATransit Tuesday: Welcoming the World

I don’t know how clear it is since its from my phone. Ill check it out when I get to a computer

Rumored: Shadyshide hopsital on lock down

Update: I’m filing this one under rumor for now, I haven’t been able to find any source documenting this, save for word on the street, but since that is second hand, I’m still searching.  UPMC Shadyside’s site doesn’t list anything out of the ordinary, but it may be that they don’t have a dark site, or this may not warrant the use of it.  Either way, I’ll keep updating as I find out more.  And besides, who doesn’t want to watch the awesome performance from Point Park!

I’m searching for sources at the moment, but I’m getting word that Shadyshide Hospital is under lock down due to soap dispensers being filled with urine.

I’m trying not to blame all the crazy things on the G-20 and all the ruckus surrounding it.  And I don’t know for certain if it was a protester.  But either way, I’m going to let Ginny take this one:

You throw a brick through a window in Pittsburgh and I will hate you and everything you stand for and if you so much as ask me for directions to your tent city, I will send you on a path so ridiculous you’ll end up in the scariest parts of the Hill District, or as we call it, Westhampsminstershire, where you’ll beg those very police you hate, to save your miserably misguided life.However, you sing and dance about it, you bring me joy while telling me what you’re so pissed off about, hell, I’m going to listen to you and then quickly guide you back to your tent city, and maybe even stop on the way to buy you a donut.


(h/t to Her Majesty)

More G-20 Transportation

g-20-riversYou ever go to a team building workshop and play those games where you’re given a bunch of things, like a couple spars with rope attached to them, and told you have to cross a vat of radioactive peanut butter?

The course directors have special shoes you see, that allow them to walk over the radioactive peanut butter, but you don’t, silly mortal.

Well, the rivers are kind of going to be like that.  The red parts of the rivers indicate the peanut butter, where only members of the Secret Service and probably the Coast Guard can enter.  So if you’re a boater and must be on the water, get ready for a long portage.

And if you’re driving, the Secret Service announced their transportation plan for vehicle access during the Summit.  Check it out here, as well as the list of vehicles that will be permitted downtown.

The goal with all of these closures seems to be to reopen everythng Friday night, how quickly items can be torn down to allow full access remains to be seen though.

Staging on Grant Street

PATransit Tuesdays: G-20 Plan

g20busThe bus detours were posted today (sometimes I think PAT reads this column and helps me out, if so, thanks!) for the G-20.  Bus service will be available, just detoured heavily when entering downtown.

Individual bus schedules can be found here, and a somewhat interactive map showing the detours is here.

The T will run to the First Avenue station, but no further, and the downtown PAT office will be closed Wednesday through Friday of the Summit.

More G-20 transportation information tomorrow.

Update: I actually found this map to be more helpful in determining where routes will be going (PDF).

“Official Sites”

There are a lot of official sites for the G-20.

I guess that comes with the territory though.  Leading up to and during the summit, I’ll be aggregating news as it pops up, as well as what else I can find.  Before it all starts, here are the four most official sites that I could find:

The official site of The Pittsburgh Summit

The official site of the Pittsburgh G-20 Partnership

The offiicial safety information of the Pittsburgh Summit

The official press site of the Pittsburgh Summit

And yes, Franktuary, if I had any kind of power, I would make the Locavore the official hot dog of the summit (although I haven’t had one yet, we haven’t put in a delivery order since I returned from the summer, but I will soon, I promise!).

G-20 coverage starts now

I’m working an event this weekend, so I’ll be away from a computer, but I wanted to kick off Metblog’s coverage of the G-20 with a little known event that will take place in a week.

The National Flag Foundation, in conjunction with PNC Bank and ESPN, will host a forum entitled “Challenges for G-20: Is the City of Champions the Black and Gold Standard for Recovery?”

The forum will take place in Oakland at the Carnegie Music Hall.  I’m still trying to find out some more details, when I talked to NFF staff last they were finalizing members of the panel.

Link to the flyer.

National Flag Foundation

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