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PATransit Tuesday: North Shore Connector

Over the weekend, I headed to the Pirates game (the one they lost) and on the way back, was able to take the North Shore Connector from the North Shore station to Steel Plaza.

My only complaint is that the steps were messing with my eyes a little bit, but I think my glasses hadn’t gone all the way back to clear from sunglasses at the time, so I’ll chalk it up to that.

We ended up waiting about five minutes with a pretty large group.  We all got on, and smoothly headed across to downtown.  It has been years since I’ve ridden the T, and I forgot how smooth it was.  I ended up helping a very nice couple who was unsure of the order of stops, but were also getting off at Steel Plaza, so it made it convenient for them to just follow me.

I’m a little confused as to what the “Area of Refuge” signs are for.  First I was thinking it was for lost children, but then I realized young kids would not understand the word “refuge.”  Then I thought maybe in inclement weather, the T station can be used a storm shelter, or maybe it is a warming station for the homeless.  If you know, please sound off in the comments, I’m interested!

Since it was free, I took the T, although I think I probably would have ridden even if I had to pay for the convenience, I just don’t know how I would have shown the operator my pass, but I guess since I rarely ride the T my ignorance can be forgiven, at least this once.

Check out the rest of the pictures from the North Shore station (and pictures from the game) in the gallery here.

Well, we could be Seattle

I read a lot of blogs.  One that I read regularly is Slog, The Stranger‘s blog, based in Seattle.  I usually skip over their local politics, but every now and then something just keeps coming up.  And in this case, it reminds me of Pittsburgh (I may get some facts wrong here, even though I do follow this story more than their other local news, it’s still a bit foreign for me).

Bear with me, a bit of background, then the Pittsburgh connection.  There is a political debate going on (mostly about usefulness and cost, so a typical one I suppose), about the “Deep Bore Tunnel,” a proposed tunnel that would be an underpass for the entire downtown area.  It’s projected to run over budget (wouldn’t that mean they should change the budget?), and some people think it’s not necessary.  See where I’m going with this yet?

It’s like their very own Northshore Connector!  Over budget.  Not necessary: we’re really, really good at bridges.  Tunnels, not so much (see: any tunnel at rush hour).

The entrance and exit, to an outside observer are oddly placed.  I don’t think they’re really in the best places, they seem kind of cramped, thrown in.  Here’s one of the latest Slog posts about it.  And here’s the video (which is so strange without any sound) they included.  I’d like to draw your attention to the 2:00 mark.  The animation is pretty cool, you’re driving, you’re driving into the tunnel, you’re driving, OH MY GOD A MERGE INSIDE THE TUNNEL:


I like to imagine the explosions we would have on a daily basis if we tried to merge inside the Squirrel Hill Tunnel.

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