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Malkin’s Mom is adorable

Even Puck Daddy agrees, Malkin’s Mom is freaking adorable.

She was one of the Olympic torch-bearers, and she was in training over the summer for her jog:

When I came back from Pittsburgh in the summer I started going to the gym, getting fit.

Check out the entire story here.

More reasons the Pens are far superior to the Capitals

Football season started over the weekend, or I guess actually last Thursday, but really that just means we’re about a week until pre-season Pens games.

In case you’ve been under a rock lately, you’ve most likely heard about Russia’s draconian anti-LGBT laws as we barrel towards the Sochi Olympics.  And in classy fashion, Sid spoke with the media about how he disagrees with the law.  Combine that with Orpik’s work with the You Can Play project, and it’s a refreshing look at a professional sports team, and its stars, interested in equality.

The Capitals on the other hand, we have Ovechkin, who is either completely unaware of the law (best case scenario), or afraid to talk about it, instead trying to turn the conversation back to the jerseys.  And to be fair, he is in a bit of a more precarious situation, considering he’ll be playing for Team Russia, but it’s still a weird non-response and he’s in a position to make a significant difference, it’s sad to see him pass on the opportunity.

A follow up to Orpik’s You Can Play ad

Orpik’s “You Can Play” ad ran during a recent Pirates broadcast and The Pensblog picked it up.

I think it speaks volumes about how far society (or at least how awesome Pittsburgh is), that the conversation quickly turned to Pringles, juggling, and other random bits of news, the commentors having written off those who had some sort of problem with the ad campaign.

Penguins join in with equality

Hot on the heels of the Pirates “It Gets Better” video, which I wrote about here, Brooks Orpik is teaming up with the “You Can Play” campaign.  Pensblog broke the story here:

“What matters to me and my teammates? A player with a hard slap shot. A player with awesome puck-handling skills. A player who can shoot. A guy who can help our team win”

Patrick Burke founded the campaign after his brother died and it’s been making a lot of traction as the playoffs continue.    The Post-Gazette interviews Orpik here, and he really does seem like a class act:

Orpik said the reaction he has received since his video was released last week “has been nothing but positive.” But he knows negative reaction might be coming from those fans who have no idea what the words “tolerant” and “accepting” mean. “If I do hear anything negative, it’ll probably be from people who have a problem with themselves and don’t like who they are.”

Check out the video here, and the comments from the Pensblog fans in the youtube comments make it just as much fun as the sad comments on the Pirates video.

What made me smile this morning.


Glad to see you back, Sid.  And what a game!

Crosby to return tomorrow

The Penguins released this minutes ago:

The Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby will return to the team’s lineup on Monday night when the Penguins host the New York Islanders at 7 p.m. at CONSOL Energy Center.

And with that one sentence, expect your news feeds, Twitter sheets and various other forms of communication (including this RSS feed) to start exploding.

As seen this morning


Steel Plaza T station

Beautiful way to start the Pens (pre)Season

A friend of mine is a photographer who very often gets to go to awesome and insane locations around the world.  I logged back into Google Plus, and saw this beautiful pic in my feed (or whatever it’s called):

King Penguin Pelage The Serene Collection South Georgia, Antarctica. The goal in a lot of my photos is to get the viewer to spend a little extra time on my images, to wonder what it is and hopefully come to the right conclusion. I also like to show people things they may have seen but in a different light and unusual angle. This is the bright patch of colour seen at the base of the neck of the king penguin. I noticed that for a short moment the kings would stretch their neck in a way that I could get this interesting diagonal of the black boarders that separate the front white patch from the grey backside. It took many tries but in a stroke of luck I was able to get the shot I was looking for in appropriate light. Taken on a real live penguin in the famous Gold Harbour of South Georgia.

The photo was taken by Kyle Marquardt, and you can see his work at

It’s also great that the Pens won, even though it’s the pre-season, it’s great to beat the Red Wings.

Happiness and Sorrow

Today’s sports news brings both happiness and sorrow, although chances are you’ve already heard both items by now.

First, go outside right now, head to Oakland and burn a couch, the Pirates are over .500!  As of this writing, the game being played now has no score, so we can still celebrate this fleeting whiff of mediocrity!

Second, sadly, the Cotton Candy Man has passed away.  Ken Geidel, who also sold Lemonade at Pirates Games, was a Pittsburgh staple.  And, in a very classy move, the Penguins put up a news story about it.  How many cities professional sports teams care like that?  Read the Pen’s article here, and go to WTAE’s coverage here, which includes two videos of Geidel in action.



I was not able to watch the game on the big screen yesterday, but for those that did: cheese steak!

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