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News I missed: Testing a new airplane

A crew testing a new Boeing plane flew from Seattle to Pittsburgh…to get Primanti’s.  Not that I blame them, of course.

Shank told the paper: “Everybody loved it. They were all like, ‘Who would have thought to put fries and cole slaw on a sandwich?’ It was comfort food for me, something that reminded me of home.”

The test director is from the Ligonier area, but didn’t get coleslaw on his sandwich.  Sacrilege!

Primanti’s and the Second Amendment

The Post-Gazette has an article about some people deciding not to eat at Primatin’s during the NRA convention.  Apparently, while working their way across the country, a gun-control group stopped in and took their picture with some of the staff.

While I’ve never been inclined to take my picture with the staff at Primanti’s, I grew up here, so it’s just a regular place I go to eat, something I probably take for granted.  While I think this falls under tourism more than activism…I actually agree with the NRA-type folks on the underlying issue.  And coming from a pacifist, that is saying a lot!

There are a few stores I don’t shop at because of the major political donations they have made.  That’s my choice.  Some of my friends think I’m crazy, because the small amount that I spend, really, in the grand scheme of things, won’t make a difference to those huge conglomerates.

And they are right: it won’t.  But I’m not going to give money to the stores that are actively trying to take away my rights.  And I would hope that everyone else does the same.  That is, does some research and finds out what stores support which issues, and vote with your wallet.

And as far as the famously over stuffed sandwiches are concerned:

As far as Primanti Bros. is concerned, perhaps the only customers who should feel unwanted there are dieters.

Chicago plays dirty

Primantis or Luckys?

I’m watching Man v. Food right now, and it is a repeat (I remember the segment about Chicago deep dish pizza), but I don’t think I’ve ever watched the last segment before.

The host has to eat three overstuffed sandwiches in an hour, and while the sandwiches seem to be bigger than Primanti’s, there are a couple other differences, mainly the bread (Lucky uses French bread).  Update: He ate all three in about half an hour and won the challenge

I took a look at Lucky’s website and here is what they say:

Lucky’s is Chicago’s home of the overstuffed sandwich. This style of sandwich can be found in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Florida and Maryland.

Maybe imitation is the best form of flattery, but we’ll still claim home to the original.  Speaking of, I had Primanti’s yesterday due to their special with Destinta (take in a ticket stub, get a discount on a sandwich and a drink) and once again have to recommend the General Tso’s wings.

Primanti’s will save the economy

Primanti'sIn a recent New York Times article, John Schwartz discusses the CEOs of the big three automakers and their road trip from Detroit to D.C.:

The prospect of the executives motoring along more than 500 miles of highway to Washington — a trip of about nine hours, not counting a possible stop in Pittsburgh for a sandwich at Primanti Brothers — introduces an element of ritualistic public relations gamesmanship

Who knows, maybe the secret to economic success is hidden somewhere in the delicious coleslaw and fries.

(h/t to PR Junkie)

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