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Last weekend for the Ren Fest

Time seems to really fly, and I was too busy to go this year, but if you’re looking for something to do this weekend, it’s your last chance to check out the Ren Fest until next year.

Cast in bronze is an awesome performance, and the Washing Wenches were a lot of fun (and strangely not too bad for children while still entertaining enough for the adults).  If you see the joust, either see all the performances throughout the day, or just go to the last one.  Just seeing the middle joust was disappointing.  I didn’t get to see Flourish and Fool last year, but their act looks really good.

And of course, the food.  Soup in a breadbowl is awesome, especially if there is a chill in the air.  Turkey legs are also awesome, and last year and ate in a Pirates Pub area, a new addition since I had been there about eight years before.

So check it out, parking is free, it’s easy to get to, and is a lot of fun.  There might even still be discount ticket coupons available at some 7-11’s.

Two more weekends: Pittsburgh Ren Fest

The Renaissance Festival is in town for two more weekends, if you need to escape the insanity of the G-20 or are just looking for a fun time, grab a bunch of people and head down Route 70.

I hadn’t been to the Ren Fest for a number of years, and while the basic set up is the same, a lot has been added.  I happened to go during Kids Weekend, so things were a bit toned down, but I do suggest seeing the Washing Wench show.

Added bonus of going to Ren Fest, you can say “wench.”

Washing Wench Show

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