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Confusion at Rivers

Some friends and I went to Rivers Casino last night (I ended up in the black for the night…less than a dollar in the black, but a win is a win!) and I was confused.

First of all, I could not find the Star Wars slots, which made me really sad.  I did however, find the Survivor slot machines, which were a lot of fun, and I tended to win a lot on them!

My confusion however, came when we first stepped off the elevator.  We were greeted by employees checking IDs.  Hadn’t done that before, but I can certainly understand it.  I was given a purple bracelet, as were two of my friends, the third was not.  When asked what they were for, we were greeted with blank stares.  The only discernible pattern was that the one friend who didn’t get a band is a woman.  Two that got bands were players club members, as well as one who wasn’t.  Anyone have any ideas?

From where I stand. Or, What I’ve been thinking about during my summer (not-so) vacation

Summer is very hectic with work for me, and this summer has been no different.  But for now, here’s a quick recap of some of the things that have been bouncing around inside my head:

Laura revealed herself to be Secret Agent L.  Her missions continue, not only through her, but also her Affiliated Agents.

The East Busway is under construction, which makes a wicked detour from Penn Station.  My bus now goes through the Strip, which is fun, although messes me up in the afternoon, but I’m certainly dealing.  You know, since I still have a bus.  That won’t be a problem come September when my neighborhood loses service (boo park-n-rides).  But then again, come January, when the Port Authority explodes and simultaneously vomits all over itself while shooting its one remaining foot, things will just be great!

Well that was an interesting sentence.  Check out coverage over at That’s Church, Pittsburgh Magazine (same author), and of course, the hilarious and full-of-spin (because they have to) FAQ from the Port Authority [PDF].

I’ll be covering more about the Port Authority once work settles down, hopefully there will be some sort of resolution by then, but we’ll see.  Will this be the end of PATransit Tuesdays?  Probably not, but it will certainly evolve if I’m not riding the bus anymore!

I’m super excited about the Winter Classic.  I’m sure I won’t be able to afford tickets, which I’m looking at as a plus, that way I don’t have to deal with the traffic nightmare that it will be.  But I’m super excited that it’s here in Pittsburgh.  Also, as if we needed any more reasons to love Talbot:

“(Teammate Evgeni) Malkin knew Ovechkin and introduced me to him and the first impression wasn’t great. I’m not really gonna say what happened but I’m like, ‘OK, this guy is a real douche.'”

It was announced that there will be a public viewing area, so it’s nice to see Mario’s TV back, hopefully it will be not on the North Shore to save some traffic headaches.  Overall, I’m very excited, but it would have been cool to see it played in Beaver Stadium (even bigger than Heinz) and between us and the Flyers.  Or at PNC Park, much more picturesque.

Side note since we’re talking about the winter classic.  These little heat waves this summer have been rough.  That is all.

Table games opened up at Rivers!  I don’t know how to play any of them!  I’d still like to know what you have to do to get a drink at the bar there.  I did enjoy myself last year (went for my birthday), but that’s only because they had Star Wars slots.  Still need to check out the buffet one of these days too.

I finally saw “She’s Out of Your League.”  It is a really fun movie, I highly recommend it.  I loved being able to pick out all the locations around town.  And the ones I couldn’t, my buddy who I was watching it with was able to.

The days I work downtown, I walk past the Mellon Arena.  This last week I noticed the words are up on the Consol Center (I’m usually dodging traffic at that point in my walk, so I concentrate on that feat).  It will certainly be sad to see the Igloo go, and I really do think that we can’t save it, not to say we shouldn’t try, I just think we’re going to lose it, but it’s been wonderful watching the Consol Center slowly take shape.

Well this has been a fun stream of consciousness.  I’m sprinting towards the end of this summer schedule, so I’ll be back writing more regularly very soon.  Until then, I’ll try to pop in as much as I can, have a great one!

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