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Things to watch for: Heinz Field edition

In case you missed the announcement, Pittsburgh Dad will be running special new episodes on the jumbotron at Heinz Field during home Steelers games this year.

Already, people in the comments on youtube are hoping he discusses why it’s called a Jumbotron, but there is no jumbo on it.

Also, the videos should also eventually be posted online as well, as revealed in the comments on youtube as well.

Secondly, before each game, Saint Vincent College, home of the Steelers summer training camp (and my alma mater), will be airing some sort of special video as well.  Hopefully I’ll be able to be able to see it online sometime.

Tweet of the day

I got updates about the game via Twitter and Facebook as I was in Panera.  This was by far, my favorite tweet, after we had just won the game.

Steelers remember Br. Pat

I’m a graduate of Saint Vincent College, so I’m used to training camp and all the excitement (read: litter) that comes with it.  Going to such a small school, everyone gets to know everyone else, including the staff and the monks.  Sadly, one of the kindest men there on campus, Br. Pat passed away this week.

I did not have as much interaction with Br. Pat as some others did, but every time I passed him, he always stopped to chat, and was genuinely interested in how I was, and how things were going.  He was that kind to everybody.  I often found him in the student center, while on my way to class, but I made sure to take a few minutes to chat with him.

Br. Pat founded the SVC fire department, which not only serves Saint Vincent, but also the local communities surrounding campus.  I knew he was the bowling coach when there was a team (the old alleys had been made into tables outside of the cafeteria, but those tables are no longer there), but he also worked in the sheet metal and plumbing shop.

Br. Pat is remembered by the Steelers as taking care of the fields, even though it was in an unofficial capacity.  I was touched that the Steelers were kind enough to put up an article on their official site, which also has a nice view of campus.  Br. Pat will certainly be missed.

Sunday morning videos

I found these both via PG+ and I wanted to post them here.

I love Arrested Development, football not so much (I’d much rather watch hockey), although I do root for the Steelers, that goes without saying.  This video brings those two things together:


And this has been making its rounds, the students at Plum Senior High put this together as a tribute to the Pens:


Countdown to XLIII: Here We Go!

I’ve been camping this weekend, and if everything went to plan, there were posts that showed up (I think I have the knack of scheduled posts).  I’ll be back later today to talk about the game.  More to come!

Countdown to XLIII: 1

Kotaku is reporting about this weekend’s Madden Bowl.  While it is different than the EA simualtion of the game, it all seems a bit confusing, a bit of overload.

But, more importantly, Willie Parker will be representing The Steelers (although he does not necessarily have to play as The Steelers).  Other professional and collegiate athletes will be participating, as well as visits from other celebrities as well.

Want to get in on the action:

For a chance to battle NFL All-Pro Linebacker Ray Lewis (Baltimore Ravens) on Xbox 360 direct from the Madden Bowl, send a friend request to the Xbox LIVE gamertag “RLewisGWF” between 8:00 – 9:00 PM

I don’t have a 360, and have never been on Xbox LIVE, so I don’t know how friend requests work there, but hey, good luck!

Countdown to XLIII: 2

Ok, so, as promised, here is the story of how I acquired my own The Terrible Towel.

I posted yesterday about how I’m not a huge football fan to begin with, although one thing that really did bother me was not having my own The Terrible Towel.

So in the beginning of summer 2005, I headed to Duquesne for a conference.  I got there ahead of most others, since it was a national conference, but I just had to come from Monroeville.

So as I wandered around the dorm we were staying in, waiting for my randomly assigned roommate (as it turned out, I had the only single, which was a bit unnerving, waiting all night for an unknown roommate, not having been told I didn’t have one), I decided to open all the drawers and take a look around.  Throughout my search I found nothing: until I lifted up the mattress and found a neatly folded yellow piece of fabric – my very own The Terrible Towel.

Strange, yes.  Potentially questionable, absolutely.  But hey, that’s how I got my own The Terrible Towel!

Update: ESPN has an article about The Terrible Towel, check it out here.

Countdown to XLIII: 3

Finally I get a chance to tell the story about my tie!  So, the big thing, is that I’m not a huge football fan.  I’d much rather watch hockey (or curling, if I’m flipping through and see curling, I always stop to watch) or soccer, tennis or even bowling.  I just find football boring.

Not that I would ever root for anyone besides the Steelers though (the phrase “17 and 1” still makes me smile!).  Having gone to St. Vincent, I think that I kind of got hit with Steelers overdose.  The thing that many fans who visit training camp forget is that there are classes going on, students doing research, monks praying: everything that normally goes on does not stop for the Steelers, except for the fact that everyone not associated with the Steelers are instantly treated like second-class citizens.  Training camp is fantastic, consistently rated the best to visit, and for families, there really is a ton to do.  Just do me a favor, be kind to each other, and stop littering, the ground looks awful by the end of the camp (that’s also the Boy Scout in me urging me to do about 36 hours of litter sweeps).  Oh, and if you really want to get an autograph, never underestimate the ability of a cute kid holding out a Sharpie to stop a pro football player.

But I digress…so needless to say, I always watch the Super Bowl, and really am glad that the Steelers are playing in it this year.  It’s given me a chance to do this blog series, and when else would I be justified in posting a smilie cookie?


Countdown to XLIII : 4

Banners downtown – Grant Street

Countdown to XLIII: 5 (take 2)

Oh my goodness, two posts in one day, and both about the Steelers.  Although truth be told, this one is about the Steelers and video games.

EA played their sixth annual game of Madden to call the Super Bowl, and so far, they are 4-1.  The game, according to EA Sports, will be won by the Steelers, 28-24.

Another good omen?  Or just a silly publicity stunt?  Maybe a bit of both.

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