I Can’t Make It

hotmetal.jpgPatrick over at iheartpgh has his Git Aht columns, and Jason has his happenings, Scott has his hot list and started his blog today. I can’t keep up. I can’t even git aht most of the time. If I did, I’d go Downtown to see Future Tenant’s “Make/Do: A Celebration of the DIY Spirit.”

Making things is subversive. You see, I think too many people have the idea that if you don’t do cost benefit analysis, time-motion studies, and have a bunch of patent protecting lawyers, you shouldn’t be making things. Or if you do make things, you should call it a hobby, and not a revolution. I feel a mighty change coming, though.

We weren’t supposed have our own computers, but now we all have these non-cat, mind-melding lap-warmers synching our music and our calendars and feeding us unhealthy doses of xml and rss. In a few years we’ll have our own semantic-web-controlled wireless desktop CNC machines, be hacking our Roombas, and making our own aluminum belt buckles. Or at least buying our poor artist friends’ belt buckles, which might cost more than a belt buckle at The Gap, but it has this aura, or I think there’s an aura, or maybe it’s just created this space where we can talk about auras . . .

I hope you can make it to Future Tenant, and if you see me there, congratulate me for getting out once in a while.

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