How do you get the kids interested in environmentalism?

Apparently you use a Jewish moose.

Some people might be surprised to learn that moose are Jewish. You shouldn’t be, says Gabe Goldman, educator in Jewish environmentalism:

“The moose is the largest kosher animal roaming the wilds of North America,” said Goldman. And at 7 feet in height, “it makes you say ‘wow!’ Wow is a form of prayer.”

He is absolutely right: all animals that you will eat are co-religionists. That is why you see so many goldfish bowls in Catholic Churches during Lent.

Catholics, one of whom is seen here with a sign (a sign is a form of prayer), then take the fish home and swallow them whole, seen in the photo accompanying my last post.

The Hebraic environmentalist moose’s motto:

“baal taschit” (don’t waste)

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