First Fido, Now Us

catfood.jpgMore than a month ago news broke that some foods were making pets sick; the recall began March 16. So if you were thinking that the suspect petfood — which, it appears, contains the toxic chemical melamine, used in making plastics — might have been cleared from shelves by now, well, you’d probably be right.

Trouble is, that icky melamine may be laying in wait for us humans. Yesterday the FDA announced that pigs destined to be pork chops and bacon had eaten suspect food. More pig farms and a chicken farm are being checked out. Yikes.

Maybe it’s time to go vegetarian for a while.

Or not. The suspect wheat gluten (and now possibly corn gluten, rice protein concentrate and more) is found in “foods often eaten by vegetarians,” according to Dr. David Acheson, chief medical officer of the FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition — including bread, pasta, cereal, protein shakes and energy bars. And, while this doesn’t apply to me, I certainly don’t want to leave it out: baby food.

So what does that mean? If, like me, you’d rather your melamine be in your plates than on them, seems like it might be a good time to start up that salad and fresh veggies diet again.

photo by welovethedark via flickr

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