Pittsburgh Needs a New Subtitle

You already know it as the City of Bridges, the Steel City, the City of Champions, the City of Too Many Goddamn Pigeons, the City of Annoying Traffic Patterns, the City of Iron City and the City With a Mayor of Questionable Competency.

With the North Shore Connector making my commute an even bigger, nastier, throbbier headache than it always was, and the construction near my bus stop (pictured below), I hereby nominate Pittsburgh as the City of Endless Construction.

City of Endless Construction

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  1. John Morris (unregistered) on August 29th, 2007 @ 4:02 am

    Almost all the subtitles you named could be taken up by other cities. I think NY has the Pigeon thing for sure and most cities have questionable mayors.The annoying traffic pattern one is real good.

    Little city with big city taxes is a good one I heard.

    Anything that plays on Pittsburgh’s weirdness would be good. This is not an average place– and the city should stop trying to act like it is. People who come here from other places see it right away.

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