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Mayor Ravenstahl, seen here asking off camera, “Wait, so em jags in Canadia got a senate too? Yinz jokin’!”, has some defenders in the letters section of today’s Post-Gazette. Thomas Butera, who doesn’t live in the city, says:

To those old-time politicos who have been jumping on the “bash Luke” bandwagon, I have this to say. Most of you have been feasting at the public trough longer than Mr. Ravenstahl has been alive. It was on your watch that the region deteriorated and you did nothing. That being the case, before someone decides to investigate all the goodies you have gotten at the expense of the public, your best course of action is to shut up, sit down and give the mayor a chance to prove himself.

Does this mean that Bodack and Motznik have turned against Luke, and I didn’t hear about it? If anyone wants to investigate these fellas, I am inclined to say, forge ahead. You might start by asking why Robert Kramm was making a thousand dollars a week in city money and producing nothing. In any case, this presumably frees the rest of us to continue criticizing Ravenstahl.

Even if this sudden rift has come to pass, Butera’s logic here is impossible for me to follow. Apparently, perk-taking do-nothing politicians ruined Pittsburgh. Therefore, everybody should shut the hell up about the current mayor taking perks and doing nothing.

Roy Leuch, who also does not live in the city, says the Mayor is not being given a chance:

How not to bring young people back to the city:

You have a young promising mayor and all you do is knock him for a golf outing. (“Ethics Bogey,” Aug. 23). Get off his back and give him a chance.

He is not immature just because he is young. We need more young people with some new ideas instead of the “same old, same old.”

I would have said that he is immature because he behaves selfishly, lies frequently, blows off work, and cannot understand why those actions are unacceptable in a Mayor, not because he is young.

Good point, though. I am sure that the reason that the Mayor has not presented any “new ideas” is because he is distracted by mean old people like me who are dedicated to the status quo. If he had a minute to think, he would no doubt be bursting with wise counsel and innovative paths.

As such, I would like to invite the internet community and the Mayor’s office to enter into an agreement. We will refrain from mentioning the Mayor in any context that does not polish his apple for one full week, and at the end of that week, he can present one or more of the brilliant new ideas that are percolating in his brain.

Bill Peduto’s ideas with a slightly different name do not count for the purposes of this agreement.

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  1. Mark Rauterkus (unregistered) on August 30th, 2007 @ 1:52 pm

    Count me out of all negotiations you’re making on my behalf. I’ll consider the proposals as they come — then reach a decision.

    I’m not going to back off for a week. No thanks.

    But, I’m not bashing the guy endlessly either.

    As to the pointing out of non-city folks defending Luke and to another instance of non-city folks being in advisor roles for DeSantis — understand the history. The non-city folks had always been HUGE boosters for Tom Murphy. Plus, Bob O’Connor got huge props from them too. Much of that came in the form of cash to campaigns in 2001 and such — as they were Mon Valley Toll Road speculators / developers.

    City folks loved the stadiums too.

    City folks are going to love Luke, for the most part. They don’t live here and have an understanding of what’s what.

    Finally, who cares what Len B says as to a ‘turn’ on the mayor. His career is finished. He is old news. Hence, of course he is hacked off at Luke. Len is sure to pin blame on his loss for a lack of support by the mayor.

    Motzink presents a different saga and one I dare not blab about.

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