Diminishing returns

First Mayor Ravenstahl, seen here hoping that those cameras didn’t catch his e-mail password, buzzkut4life, blows off the Hill District to fly off to New York for a wild night of booze and hookers. Well, who wouldn’t? Private plane, dude!

Then he blows off women’s groups to play golf with sports stars. Not a private plane, but still pretty cool, and who cares? Broads were probably just mad because they were on their periods or whatever and needed some kind of vagina pills. Not that they tell you much about the lady-parts at North Catholic (if God meant us to know what a fillopius tube was, he’d have put in a window).

But now, he blows off the North Side to go hang out with the Mayor of Boston. I know Boston is a bigger city than Pittsburgh, and they have their one-if-by-land history crap going on, but the Mayor doesn’t care about that stuff. That guy is really just another mayor.

New rule: if you are going to skip out on a very important community meeting, it had better not be to hang out with anyone less famous than Abe Vigoda, or if not a celebrity, anyone financially or morally unable to take you to Chicago for steaks on zero notice. What about steaks with Sal Tessio and Mark Cuban? That would be awesome. Luke would skip the election for that.

Note to self: remember to check the DeSantis campaign financial filings to make sure they are claiming all these trips that Luke is taking as in-kind contributions.

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