Bishops gone wild

The old joke is that the two biggest religions in Pittsburgh are Catholicism and Lapsed Catholicism. That is a pretty severe exaggeration, but you would never know that from the news coverage here, which never met a story about Catholics it didn’t like. Thus, all the stories about yesterday’s installation of a new bishop, seen here delivering his famous “seven words you can’t say in seminary” bit.

New Bishop David Zubik wants Catholics to “be excited about our faith, and how we live it.” Traditionally Catholics are excited about faith in the same way that Americans are excited about soccer: we pretend when the kids are young, but once the brats are off to college we get to relax and care about what really matters, the Steelers. The only difference is that when Americans age and begin to feel the cold breath of death on the backs of their necks, few turn to David Beckham (some Brits do).

Meanwhile Pittsburgh’s Episcopalian Bishop Robert Duncan, seen here hating fags, was busy making our fair city look bad by starting his own church dedicated to being Episcopalians who hate fags. Post-Gazette:

Bishop Duncan said that forming a separate North American church structure for conservatives is “necessary because of the drift of the church in the West.”

“We’re in a time of reformation,” he said.

The partnership will include the Convocation of Anglicans in North America, a network of Episcopal parishes that have split from the U.S. denomination and have aligned with Anglican Archbishop Peter Akinola of Nigeria, an outspoken critic of Episcopal acceptance of gay relationships.

The original Reformation was about personal closeness to your deity and the proper relationship of spirituality to secular concerns, with Protestant reformers asking hard questions about how to best serve Christianity’s promise of universal love. Catholic traditionalists responded by digging in their heels and hewing closely to doctrine.

Sadly, Bishop Duncan probably thinks that he is the Martin Luther in this new “reformation” rather than the Grand Inquisitor.

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