The Great Race

I ran, and by ran I mean mostly ran but partly walked, the ten kilometer iteration of the Great Race yesterday morning. If anyone else out there is thinking of doing something like this, I have some advice: try running a couple of times in the weeks before the race. Don’t take a year off from running, then try to run six miles with six thousand other people. It will hurt.

One of the the people who did much better than me: the winner, Daniel Mazzocco, who defended Pittsburgh’s honor by beating the second place guy, some jag from West Virginia, by nearly a minute.

Another: Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, who came in at a very respectable forty-nine odd minutes.

Apparently not running were any of the mayoral challengers. Now, I understand why Ryan Scott might skip it, as he is exhausted from packing meat all week. I am a bit surprised that Mark DeSantis didn’t show. This is a pretty cheap and easy way to meet thousands of voters at once. My guess is that he couldn’t take being beaten twice by Luke Ravenstahl this year.

Presumably Tony Olivia did not participate in a principled Libertarian protest against the use of tax money to pay to pave the streets we ran on.

You can search for friends and enemies on the results page.

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