Who Are You Going to Call?

We all feel safer now thanks to the war on the constitution, I mean the war on terror. But, who is protecting us from the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man? That’s the job of the G.G.P.S.

Mount Oliver

Overview: The tenant of this apartment contacted us because of numerous anomalies reported in her home. It was once a full house that has been renovated into separate apartments with hers being on the bottom floor.

The tenant reported cold spots, sleep paralysis symptoms, sightings out of the corner of her eye, and a feeling of being watched late at night. Over 460 pictures, 4 hours of audio/video were taken at this location with no anomalies to report.


When we went out for an investigation, we are proud to say we were able to put the residents at ease. Upon testing sounds, both heard exactly what the noise was; and we confirmed it to be loose shingles on the chimney.

This was a wonderful case as we were able to put the homeowners mind at ease. They are happy they could sleep comfortably now, knowing that there was no paranormal relation to the sound that they continuously heard late at night.


Overview: The owner of this home contacted us due to suspicious activity in her home. Cold spots, sightings of an apparition, and symptoms of sleep paralysis led her to us.

This home is on old farmland, with a new building in place. Through the interview we learned that the activity seemed to be increasing since our telephone conversation.

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