It is like football. DeSantis is Morten Andersen.

Tomorrow night at the Regional History Center: Post-Gazette Mayoral Debate. The theme for most participants will no doubt be “Don’t trust anyone over thirty,” which may be a tough sell in Geriatricburgh. The ages of the participants, in the order they appear above: 48, 27, 27, 24. As someone of approximately the age of these three young jugheads, I am shocked that these young fellows are all willing to miss out on the Smashing Pumpkins show tomorrow night. In fact, given the Mayor’s track record, I wouldn’t be surprised if he forgets to show at the debate in favor of the A. J. Palumbo Center.

The extremely brief descriptions of the candidates, which were pretty clearly written by the candidates themselves or their campaigns, include this note about Luke Ravenstahl:

Pushing fresh leadership and a better city.

I know that Speedy has given up his Blackberry, but here is a note from me to him, in case he looks at the internet as, I believe, normal 27-year-olds do. Please avert your eyes for the next paragraph, if you are not the mayor.

Hey idiot: you are the incumbent. Follow that link if you are not familiar with the word. You don’t get to be they guy who has squandered his time in office on silly perks and initiatives you don’t ever intend to pay for and also run as the face of “fresh leadership.”

Those who have questions for any of the jugheads or the old geezer, e-mail Susan Manella of the Post-Gazette. I would hurry. I imagine she will not want to add anything at the very last minute.

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