We are finally on the map

The very specific map known as Google Street View, represented here by a Post-Gazette mockup. Apparently they couldn’t figure out how to copy one of the real pictures either. It shows us what our streets look like. Here, for instance, is the beer distributor where I work. Here is the other beer distributor where I also work.

The Post-Gazette is kind enough to allay the fears of the nonagenarians who make up their core readership and believe that young people can perform magic with their computers and such:

Street View is not, as some might fear, real-time video. Pulling up a view of Downtown will not show people walking down Smithfield Street — the “Simpsons” episode in which Marge Simpson accidentally spies a naked Homer on a hammock got it wrong.

I want naked people on hammocks! Get to work, Google nerds!

Brief Update: As I looked more closely at this picture, I realized that the Post-Gazette graphics department seems to think that the opposite of west is also west. I guess that explains how they ended up doing newspaper art: once you fail out of cartography school, there are few other options.

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