He probably never kicked an adorable puppy either

There are a couple of really bizarre letters supporting Mayor Speedy in the Post-Gazette today. One asks that we support Ravenstahl because it isn’t his fault we are in Iraq:

I guess Luke Ravenstahl doesn’t have enough experience to be corrupt and cover his tracks like experienced leaders. Was President Bush supposedly an experienced leader whom you voted for in 2004? With the lifestyle of Mr. Bush at Mr. Ravenstahl’s age, you would have not given Mr. Bush a passing glance.

I find all this outrage over a golf outing and an SUV amusing. Where is the outrage over paying for the war in Iraq and the human cost of our youth?

I wish to assure Carol Badgley of Hempfield that I, for one, am able to contain outrage over the Iraq war while at the same time being upset by Luke’s misbehavior. Perhaps in Hempfield it is common to only be able to hold one opinion at any given time. If so, I blame the THC.

I never really thought that the brazenness of Speedy’s corruption would be considered a point in his favor.

Another writer who, I am happy to report, lives in a place where he is not able to vote for Luke says that the problem is that old people are mean:

The reason for this treatment is an obvious case of age discrimination. Pittsburgh has been a dying city for years, with the worn-out politicians and older stubborn people preventing any changes from occurring. College graduates leave the city in waves for more vibrant, youthful towns. Finally a leader comes along who has the city on the brink of a renaissance, and all those same rigid people who have held Pittsburgh down for years try to discredit Mr. Ravenstahl.

Yes, it is no doubt my advanced age that is at the root of all my problems with the mayor. He wasn’t even alive for the Steelers triumph in Super Bowl XIV, which I am sure I found very exciting but cannot remember due to having watched it at the age of five months. Nonetheless, I can smugly say that it happened a good seventeen days before the birth of our mayor.

Letter writer Armand Buzzelli Jr., being no doubt a modest fellow, doesn’t mention that he is a buddy of Luke’s from college and that his dad was one of Luke’s gym teachers.

In both of these cases we see the Ravenstahl and supporters method of argument, which is built on red herrings and lies about anyone who dislikes Speedy’s laziness and bizarre sense of entitlement. First, pretend that the thing you are being criticized for is something other than what it really is: flip-flops on the plane (which no one but me seems to recognize is absolutely disgusting), the war in Iraq, going to a concert, or hot dog receipts. Then pretend the critics are something they are not: Republicans, out-of-touch fogies, or crouching masturbators. Then claim that Speedy is doing a great job. Do not give any specific examples of what he is doing that is great, because masturbating Republican fogies might actually check and find that the Mayor didn’t actually do whatever it is you are claiming he did. Just say he is great.

I have not yet listened to the debate from last night, but the buzz is that Ravenstahl didn’t embarrass himself, which is a triumph, I suppose; DeSantis came off as lame, which is no surprise, as he is a lameass; and Ryan Scott is totally insane, which is not really a big surprise either.

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  1. Maria (unregistered) on October 10th, 2007 @ 11:39 am

    “Perhaps in Hempfield it is common to only be able to hold one opinion at any given time. If so, I blame the THC.”

    Having graduated from Hempfield Area Senior High (HASH), I can say that that sounds about right.

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