Friendly public service announcement

Greetings from the lovely hilltops of Oakland, where I’m spending a month at the VA hospital. Great views, pretty nice patients, excellent coordination of care, and a built-in cardio workout if you climb up from Fifth Ave every morning.

All of that aside, I’m taking a few moments out of the lunch break to give you a dire warning: try not to get sick this month. You see, it’s July, which is the month when thousands of freshly-minted doctors, equipped with MDs and not much else, are dispatched to the nation’s hospitals to begin their internship years. In one more year, that’ll be me, and I won’t know much more medicine than I do now. We can talk a pretty good game, but for the first month, we tend to be nervous, uncertain, and still not quite sure how to get things done around our hospitals.

By mid-August, we’ll have worked out the jitters, reminded ourselves that those expensive initials have to be worth *something*, and gotten back to doing our jobs well, but if your family member is hospitalized in July, you’ll do well to go along with them and make sure nothing sets off any warning bells.

More cheerful topics to follow, hopefully…

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