The Pierogie Trail?

I’m just back from another trip to Boston, where I am reminded yet again that US Airways pulling
out was probably one of the best things that could happen to Pittsburgh air travel. In ten years of
flying PIT<->BOS, they have not once managed to give me a flight that departs on time, arrives on
time, *and* does not lose checked baggage. If only they weren’t still beloved of corporate travel
managers across the nation…

But I digress. On this trip, I happened to cross Boston’s
famous <a href=””>Freedom Trail</a>,
a tourist attraction that allows you to hike through the great events of American history. It
started me wondering: why don’t we have one of those? Pittsburgh may not have quite as many
events that make it into grade-school history books, but we *do* have a big cluster of interesting
museums, buildings, eating spots, and even historical sites, if you consider Downtown, the North
Shore, and the Strip as a collection. We’re also pretty good at painting lines on the ground and
constantly rerouting traffic. Why not develop an official trail to take tourists through Downtown
and its surroundings and help them take in the sights? It’d be as good a marketing tool as anything
else we’ve currently got going on…

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