Cut-and-paste: It’s not just for China anymore

The Post-Gazette has, on Sundays, been running a feature called “The Cutting Edge”, where they post snippets from Pittsburgh-related blogs. (Yes, I still get 90% of my news on dead trees. Portable, useful for stuffing shipping boxes, and doesn’t require me to pay some silly “hotspot” to read it.) It has sunk to new lows. You may recall that Chinese newspaper that accidentally recycled a story from The Onion?. Scroll down this week’s Cutting Edge and find “One of America’s great newspapers” doing the same thing. I’d like to hope they’re just adding it in as a bit of comic belief, but the lack of framing text makes me think someone there is just plain asleep at the switch.

Not to worry, though. They’re a “manufacturer” according to state law, and thus aren’t required to pay property taxes. With all that money they’re saving, I’m sure they can put it towards finding, you know, real news to report on once in a while.

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  1. rickmtwash1 on July 26th, 2008 @ 5:53 pm

    Indeed, I concur about the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette printing real news. Heck, besides online), you could say the same thing about (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review on web). Both periodicals do whatever is necessary to boost readership, get visitors to their sites, plus be profitable on their "accounting balance sheets." Just like every other for-profit entity, they do the same things needed for ‘adding to the bottom line.’ That will be true for everything except blogs like this one and other alternative papers plus online resources. The trick is to balance these sources with others like this excellent blog and many others on the Web. Use for searching to find other resources. You’ll then become a well-informed and well-rounded citizen.

    Finally, go to and They are also recommended to all so you’ll learn how to do excellent leadership, communication, and public speaking skills. Those are for Edgewood and District 13 Toastmasters respectively.

    Check all these sites out. You’ll be glad you did!!!!

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