The TDP and the Long Squiggly Line

A while back, some local design folks wrote (well, drew) an excellent editorial entitled “The Long Squiggly Line That’s Killing Our Transit System”. I bring this back to your attention not only because it’s a good editorial, but because somebody needs to toss a couple billion copies of it at the fine folks down at the Port Authority.

See, they’re currently working on something called the Transit Development Plan, and as part of it, their market analysis has realized that (gasp!) there is not a good match between where the buses run, where people who use buses live, and where people who use buses want to go. There’s town hall meetings, and there’s even a simplistic online survey, but if my prior experience with PAT town halls is any guide, these are mostly going to be people talking about their ACCESS service. ACCESS is critical, but it’s also not the primary economic function of mass transit. PAT needs to hear from the young professionals and other workers who use the regular bus service, and they need to be told how to use what they have in ways that make more sense. That’d be you, since you’re the type who reads Pittsburgh blogs. Get to work!

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  1. Mike (psion) on July 20th, 2008 @ 5:54 pm

    I’m hoping that some sort of redesign comes out of this…it’s hard to find information regarding bus stops that aren’t timestops. That’s been my biggest roadblock to using the bus system.

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