Countdown to XLIII: 3

Finally I get a chance to tell the story about my tie!  So, the big thing, is that I’m not a huge football fan.  I’d much rather watch hockey (or curling, if I’m flipping through and see curling, I always stop to watch) or soccer, tennis or even bowling.  I just find football boring.

Not that I would ever root for anyone besides the Steelers though (the phrase “17 and 1” still makes me smile!).  Having gone to St. Vincent, I think that I kind of got hit with Steelers overdose.  The thing that many fans who visit training camp forget is that there are classes going on, students doing research, monks praying: everything that normally goes on does not stop for the Steelers, except for the fact that everyone not associated with the Steelers are instantly treated like second-class citizens.  Training camp is fantastic, consistently rated the best to visit, and for families, there really is a ton to do.  Just do me a favor, be kind to each other, and stop littering, the ground looks awful by the end of the camp (that’s also the Boy Scout in me urging me to do about 36 hours of litter sweeps).  Oh, and if you really want to get an autograph, never underestimate the ability of a cute kid holding out a Sharpie to stop a pro football player.

But I digress…so needless to say, I always watch the Super Bowl, and really am glad that the Steelers are playing in it this year.  It’s given me a chance to do this blog series, and when else would I be justified in posting a smilie cookie?

So, the real point of this entry…my Steeler tie.

Two weeks ago my work had a party (like I’m sure many did) before we played the Ravens.  Everyone got together, brought in food, and generally a good time was had by all.

I explained most of the above to my boss, who commented that I only had black on, no gold.  I told him that if the Steelers went to the Super Bowl, I would get a Steeler tie.

So, we went on to win that Sunday, and the next day (Martin Luther King, Jr. day), I headed to the mall to pick up a tie, which I had seen at Christmas time and actually almost bought for myself.  However, being the holidays, I was shopping for others, and didn’t want to get distracted by buying things for myself.

So there’s the story.  Nothing too exciting, nothing too thrilling, but a fun explanation and lead-up.

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