Catholic Service to right wrongs

I’ve never quite heard of this before, but Bishop Zubik is going to have a special service for anyone who has been wronged by the Catholic Church.

There will be nothing expected of you but your willingness to pray with me. No one will bother you

I think it’s a neat idea, although it is sad that such a thing needs to exists.  I sincerely hope that no one is bothered, and even if I did feel like I was wronged in the past, as much as I think this could provide some closure, I imagine it would be hard for anyone to attend.

Truth be told, I don’t know much about Zubik, I did not care for Bishop Wuerhl (I’m also probably spelling his name incorrectly, sorry about that), but so far Zubik seems on par with what I suppose I’ve come to expect from the Catholic Bishop of Pittsburgh (if such an archetype exists in my head).

I’ve been reading Slog lately, the blog of Seattle’s The Stranger, and a few days ago, it erupted with a news story about a girl and her mother being excommunicated in South America.  The whole story is tragic on many, many levels, so it’s nice to counterpoint it with this outreach.  Here’s hoping.

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