Thoughts on the G-20, the second

logo with bridgeA couple thoughts for everyone.  Part three will be coming, probably tomorrow.

  • See, this is what we didn’t want to happen, now go home!  Police say that most damage caused by man from California (the state, not the city).
  • Apparently the rebound of Pittsburgh is due to the Penguins, most notably, the Canadian and Russian players.  Wow, the logic (it does seem to be tongue-in-cheek though)!
  • Honestly, I think this is a good idea.  The Pirates can’t get any worse, right?
  • I met up with a friend during the day, his thoughts and photos are here, make sure to check out the awesome Pirates protest sign.

So what did the Pittsburgh Summit produce?  Here is a link to the document, and the main points of it are after the jump

  • To launch a framework that lays out the policies and the way we act together to generate strong, sustainable and balanced global growth
  • To make sure our regulatory system for banks and other financial firms reins in the excesses that led to the crisis
  • To reform the global architecture to meet the needs of the 21st century
  • To take new steps to increase access to food, fuel and finance among the world’s poorest while clamping down on illicit outflows
  • To phase out and rationalize over the medium term inefficient fossil fuel subsidies while providing targeted support for the poorest.
  • To maintain our openness and move toward greener, more sustainable growth

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