PATransit Tuesday: Ladies and Gentlemen, Zone 3!

Programing Note: I’ve just noticed that my scheduled posts aren’t showing up.  We just changed servers, so I think it got lost in the transition, so I apologize for the delay, this was supposed to be up about three hours ago.  I’m going to go search for my other articles too!

One of the big changes from the Port Authority’s overhaul was the elimination of Zone 3.  Pretty cool for everyone living in Zone 3, as their fares went down as they were folded into zone 2.

Well, time to welcome back bigger fares and a third zone!  I don’t want to call this a buried lede, since it is the lede, but then it’s all but ignored as the story continues into numbers and budgets, and details some of the June changes:

As it prepares to change 26 more bus routes in June, Port Authority also is considering charging a premium for service on longer commuter trips.

“Those longer commuter routes are very expensive,” even if the buses are full, he said. “We’re looking at it. This budget with the Act 44 stuff is so up in the air that everything’s on the table.”

Seems pretty important to me.  And to use a favorite phrase, “Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.”  A premium for service on longer commuter trips is Zone 3, plain and simple.  Sure, the boundaries might be a little different, but it looks like it may be back.

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