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Go vote for The Baristas!

The Baristas, my favorite web series (a close second: Waffle Shop Show, and coming in after, way too many to mention), is currently sitting in third place in a contest running on Facebook.

Unlike most Facebook contests, you don’t even have to “Like” the page (which usually turns me away).  Go to this link, scroll down and click “Vote” underneath The Baristas, showing Madison, Ben and I think that’s Glenn holding the cup (can’t go by facial hair anymore either…).  I’ve seen mentions that you can vote once every 24 hours, but I haven’t been able to verify that yet.

The Baristas is real close to overtaking the lead.  We can do this Pittsburgh, get clicking!

From Occupy Pittsburgh

Courtesy of @PennStationFan on Twitter, I find this:

 .@bankofamerica is it true that you screwed @PGHtransit out o... on Twitpic

Here’s the text, from

Did you know that Bank of America just made $39 million off of our Port Authority while the rest of us are dealing with fare hikes and cuts in service year after year? It’s true! Here’s how it worked:

In 2004, Merrill Lynch sold a risky financial deal called a “swaption” to the Port Authority of Allegheny County . . .

Then Merrill Lynch nearly went bankrupt, so Bank of America bought them. We bailed out Bank of America with $45 billion. It would take the average family nearly a million years to make that much money!

Bank of America used that money to pay $3.6 billion in bonuses to Merrill Lynch officials, and buy an $87,000 area rug for the former CEO…
And the financial deal with the Port Authority went bad . . .

So the Port Authority had to pay $39 million more to Bank of America to get out of the deal, even after we all bailed them out!

I have no idea why TwitPic is being so dumb, anyway, Bank of America should get around to paying back the Port Authority.  That way maybe we could have some service restored.  What a novel concept.

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