Da faq, Uniontown?

Last week, Uniontown held an anti-equality parade.  The kicker: the  mental gymnastics they put themselves through to try to convince themselves that they’re the victims and that they really love everybody.

You can read the entire story here (although I think you can only read 10 articles a month from the Herald Standard before you have to pay), but I’m going to pull out a lot of quotes and respond directly to them below.

I”m also confused as to why now.  There is no real movement for marriage equality in Pennsylvania.  Maybe they’re just afraid because of the historic gains in Maryland, Maine, Washington and Minnesota.

The parade was put on by a church, and I would just remind everyone that not all church’s are anti-equality (the Episcopal church has a ceremony for same-sex couples joining together in matrimony).  Read that aside again.  Notice how I used the word ‘church’ and ‘matrimony.’  Marriage is a civil contract, and the definition has changed quite a bit over the years (see the graphic to the left), not to mention what the Bible itself lists as acceptable (or sometimes forced) marriages.

It’s a bit long, so I’ll put it after the jump, please take a minute and have a read.  I swear a bit.  But we’re talking about civil rights here.  I’m surprised I didn’t swear more.

“We are not here to protest against any certain groups or situations,” Joseph said.

Ewing quoted the Bible as saying that marriage should be between a man and a woman. He said God created the qualities that make a marriage so precious.

Yeah, you’re not here protesting any certain groups.  Just ignore the fact that you’re blatantly saying an entire minority group should be denied their civil rights.

“We have couples here who have made it work,” Ewing said in praise of the three couples who have been married at least 50 years.

A longer story: my favorite bar has three owners.  I keep going back because the staff is amazing (as is the food and the craft beer selection), one of the owners has mentioned, many times, his love of equality.  One of his favorite stories is he and his family were in Florida (I forget which city) and happened to be there the day of the Pride parade.  They had couples who had been together 40, 50, 60 years, but could not legally be married.  And all he wishes is that he and his wife can last that long, he admires their dedication to each other, as it should be.

Lloyd and Anna Hamilton will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary Dec. 15. Their baptism as culture warriors was inspired by an assault they see is aimed at traditional values.

“We want to support traditional marriage,” Lloyd Hamilton said. “Our system of values is under attack.”

What assault on “traditional values?”  No one is taking away the rights of anyone to get married, we’re just trying to expand that right to everyone.  You don’t lose your right to scream and shout and tell people they’re going to hell, that’s protected under the first amendment.  You’ll just be yelling at couples recognized by the government.  If your values are hate and bigotry, then yes, that’s under attack.

Anna Hamilton added, “Where does it stop? If we allow same sex marriage, then why not allow a person to marry an animal?”

As soon as you can find an animal that can enter a legally-binding contract, talk about it then.  Until then, you’re showing your ignorance.  And journalists are showing their laziness for not questioning people about this.

“We support the values of traditional marriage between a man and a woman,” said Mark Hamilton, 53, of Little Summit. “That’s what God intended.”

For the Hamilton family, this cause is about morals and Scripture.

That’s awesome, but again, we’re talking about civil marriages.  Churches can do whatever they want.  Your church may want  to deny equality, but mine wants to embrace it, so let’s fight for my religious liberty.

“We got married because we love each other,” said Dee Hamilton, 54, after the parade.

You hit it on the head.  Love.  That’s what it’s about.  Let people love who they love.

Lloyd and Anna Hamilton said they are not against same sex people being happy and experiencing the same joy as other couples. However, they drew a line where personal freedom ends — that point where it affects society as a whole.

Lloyd Hamilton went one step further by saying he is not against men living with men or women living with women because that has been the way these couples have lived throughout history, but he does not think these couples should get married — as defined by Scripture and law.

These are the fucking lies that people do mental gymnastics to justify inside their heads.  You can’t say you want gay and lesbians to be happy and experience joy while actively working to deny them their rights.  Yes, yes, you can live with the person you love, but that’s it.  Anything else and you may make someone uncomfortable.

How could anyone expect to get any modicum of respect from anyone that says this?  It makes no sense, and it’s just trying to hide their bigotry under a guise of loving others, when really, the hatred is just under the surface, waiting for a chance to get out.

Anna Hamilton countered, “There is nothing in the Bible against interracial marriage, but there is Scripture against homosexuals.”

I don’t know my scripture as well as I should, but I feel as though there is.  But again, we’re talking about civil marriage, not matrimony.  And in this country, until as recently as 1967, interracial marriage was illegal in this country.  We’re making progress, it’s slow, and it’s painful, but we must move forward to guarantee the civil rights of everyone.

Her husband added, “This is not a civil rights issue, but a moral issue.”

You can fight for morals as long as you want, I encourage you to do so.  But to thrust those ideas onto everyone around you, just to fit into your mold is wrong.  We are a secular country, and our laws are based on reason and logic in the best interest of those around us, not a document, which, while beautiful, got the most basic question of human morals wrong: the Bible in no uncertain terms endorses slavery.  If it got that wrong, do you think it got human sexuality right?  (and yes, that’s a point I borrowed from Dan Savage)

Lloyd Hamilton went onto say that those who live this “lifestyle” are a minority who are forcing their beliefs onto the majority.

To quote Minnesota Viking’s punter Chris Kluwe, allowing equality will not suddenly make you a “lustful cockmonster.”  If the fact that two men can’t get married is the only reason you’re staying with your wife instead of sleeping with men, then you have some other issues to work through, and forcing that fight onto the rest of us isn’t fair: get a good, sex-positive therapist.  Or, more likely, you’re not that “weak,” and just think gay sex is icky.  Then don’t think about it, creepo.

Anna Hamilton condemned schools who promote an agenda where children are exposed to books that make homosexuality appear as “normal.” She said she remembers seeing a television commercial selling insurance where two men kissed or hugged each other.

Two points here.  First, you have to think of the children that come from “non-traditional” homes.  Homes with one parent, where a grandparent is primary caregiver, or families with two moms or two dads.  Love is what makes a family, not some outdated standard you are trying to cling to.  Second, seeing one commercial with two men kissing and hugging, as compared to the thousands of images of straight couples practically making out in all forms of media.  Must have been terrible to see that there are different people out there, but I think we can all agree that advertisers and media types (and all of us in public, anyway) need to cut back on the PDA.  But seeing a different type of couple isn’t a big deal.  Now you’re just showing your insecurities.

Marrietta said prior to the parade, he received two threatening phone calls condemning in no uncertain words about what he and others like him represent.

And that’s awful.  No one should be threatened for their first amendment rights.  I’m not saying I agree with you, or won’t fight against you, but no one should live in fear.  And that goes for both sides.

Lloyd Hamilton remembered a boy whose last name was “Queer” during his days teaching at a school in Latrobe.

“I felt sorry for that boy because he was always picked on,” he said.

Lloyd Hamilton said though the boy was not one of his students, the memory of that boy’s abuse from his peers because of his last name made him remark how important it is for people to treat each other with dignity and respect.

We’ve seen time and time again, this kind of institutionalized bullying leads children to kill themselves: and it comes from peers, adults, churches, political organizations, and sadly, even parents.  Studies overwhelmingly show this, we’ve seen the news stories and cried at the funerals.  As a people we have started to come together to say that It Gets Better, to give hope to the kids who need it the most.  But it’s not always enough.  Not until we have everyone, as a unified voice telling those in pain that they are worth it, that they have something great to give the world and that they matter.


I have a special place in my heart for Fayette County.  It is beautiful.  The seasons all kind of show off their best sides throughout the county.  I just wish it wasn’t always the laughingstock of Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Don’t try to hide behind some religious zealotry when if you substituted any other minority group, you would be ripped to shreds by everyone around you.   Jesus taught love.  Nothing else.  And to quote what he said about the LGBT community: ”      .”

Look, I’m not saying you can’t have your parade.  The first amendment makes it so you can, and I’m glad you’re flexing that right.  But that same first amendment also says that I can rip you apart for your bigoted, hate-filled, harmful worldview that just adds to a culture that tells minorities they are worthless and leads the epidemic rate of suicides of young LGBT children.

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