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The Brew Gentlemen announced that a new restraurant, Magarac, will occupy the rest of the space of their building in Braddock.  What has impressed me the most is that Chef Kevin Sousa (who also owns other establishments such as Salt of the Earth), will move to Braddock as a sign of his dedication to the revitalization of the neighborhood.  Pretty amazing stuff:

“It’s not, ‘Let’s create this awesome restaurant where Kevin can stretch his legs,'” Mr. Fetterman said. “The bottom line is, he’s taking on the region’s most persistent and difficult food deserts.”

To that end, Glance & Associates will include in its design a small take-out window for Mr. Sousa’s barbecued chicken and ribs and gourmet hot dogs.

The site also should appeal to beer-lovers. Two men calling themselves The Brew Gentlemen will brew at least four craft beers, including a chai-spiced white ale, on a small system in the basement.

The third leg of the complex will be Springboard Kitchen, whose staff will share the restaurant’s kitchen to prepare meals for Meals on Wheels.

I’m very excited for this project, and can’t wait for it all to open.  I have a friend working on a restaurant opening in Shadyside, and between the two, I’m afraid people will begin to mistake me for some kind of foodie.  That’s probably a ways off, but until then, I’m excited for the prospect for Braddock.

Check out the full story at the P-G.

Before I Die

I think I mentioned it before, but the “Before I Die” wall is up in Lawrenceville, at Arsenal.

The Walkabout covers it here.  It looks like a really cool project, and reminds me a lot of the resolution wall done for First Night 2009, which I turned into the July Project.

I like things like this where the community can leave public messages for each other and interact.  I sadly don’t have time to make it over there, but I’d love to see some more pictures.  I certainly hope some of the statements went meta and referenced other ones on the board!

More Mr. Rogers

I’ve been clearing out a lot of backlogged links, so if you saw this before, my apologies, but it’s always good to hear more abut Mr. Rogers, even if I just posted about him the other day.

Andrew Sullivan shares stories about his interactions with a young man with cerebral palsy here, and readers offer their own thoughts and reflections here.

Igloo Watch: 3-13


Igloo Watch: 3-12


And what a difference three hours can make:


Anti-Nicotine push

A health care system in central Pennsylvania is now testing its employees for nicotine use:

Geisinger Health System in central Pennsylvania announced this week that it will test all new job applicants for nicotine use beginning in February, and those who test positive will not be hired. Then, beginning in 2013, the Geisinger’s health insurance arm will charge a higher premium for current employees who acknowledge that they smoke or chew tobacco.

I can understand trying to encourage a tobacco-free environment, especially for a health-care company.  But I have to say, I think that they are overstepping their bounds by not hiring those who use tobacco products.  Since they’re already going to be charging a higher premium to those who use tobacco products, which seems reasonable to me, I don’t understand why they wouldn’t hire new employees.
I don’t know, let me know what you think in the comments.

Move over Portland

Also making its rounds on the internet is this awesome article, telling Portland to move over.  While they may be the hipster capital of the country, Pittsburgh is all those good qualities, in a non-ironic, genuine way:

Portland has overextended its welcome as the destination for hipsters who want to find themselves, while frolicking in beautiful scenery and reasonable rents,” says Hesse. “Pittsburgh is reasonable-rents, nice scenery, nice downtown, and the people are, in general, just far less insufferable.

Check out the whole article here.

Shame on IUP Professor

A professor at the Eberly graduate college of business is accused of making harassing and homophobic remarks to a student.  IUP is investigating, and good for the students who rallied today after words spread of the incident.  KDKA covers the story here.

IUP is a public school: our tax dollars help to pay for it as part of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, and from what I’ve heard from some current students, a fairly tolerant place (and their actions today show that).  However, for this professor to spout off like this, at a public institution, is reprehensible.

If you’d like to contact the Dean of the school (be respectful!), his contact info is here and his direct e-mail is

Update: A second student has come forward with similar accusations.  I have the link at home, I’ll be updating more later tonight.

Here’s the link to the follow-up story.  Five years ago, the same happened to another student, who complained to the school, although it seems nothing was done.  He has a fantastic quote:

“You see teenagers and college students committing suicide because they don’t feel accepted, and you know we just can’t afford to lose another life to bullying,” said Michael Heller. “Especially from a university professor – a tenured university professor – who should be teaching business not bigotry.”

Igloo Watch: 10-12


The progress of the dome removal

The passing of William S. Dietrich II

We just learned here at work that Bill Dietrich passed away last night.  Mr. Dietrich was a former steel executive, and major philantropist to the Pittsburgh region, including large gifts to CMU and Pitt.  He was a member of our board and also a major donor. In fact, our board room was just renamed in his honor, and will feature a newly commissioned work of art featuring Mr. Dietrich and his passions: higher education, Scouting, The Marines (I think that’s the flag), the Pittsburgh Ballet and the PSO.

The flags Council Flag at Flag Plaza is at half staff today in his memory.

The Post-Gazette has a small write-up, with a follow up coming tomorrow.

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