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Zoo Brew

Once again, the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium will be opening its doors to craft beers from around the country and you’re invited to partake.

Friday, September 16, starting at 6 p.m., you can view the animals, eat food and drink some awesome craft beers.  Some of my favorites will be there, including Duck Rabbit, Leinenkugels, Terrapin and Great Lakes, and other awesome breweries, like Duquesne, who I haven’t been able to drink yet, will be there as well.

Also representing Pennsylvania will be Yuengling, Penn and Rivertowne.

You even get a commemorative mug to take home with you!  But more importantly, this event helps to support the animals and the outreach programs of the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium.

Check out more details and purchase tickets here, hope to see you there!

Christmas in july


Winter beers and a santa hat on the delirium elephant.  Who could ask for anything more?

More beer-related news

Some more beer related news for you: you can become a capitol-investor of East End Brewing!  East End is raising money to move to a much larger space (still not that accessible from the East Busway, sadly), and is offering a new program which basically lets you pre-order your beer.  However, you also get VIP passes, exclusive invites to events, tours and a t-shirt.  Pretty awesome!

I love East End’s beer, and if I had the money, I would certainly do it, but sadly, it is just not going to happen right now.  If you want more information about it, check it out here.

East End has also teamed up with local app creator, Levlr, and now has a mobile site (through Beerby) that allows you to quickly find the hours and beers on tap at each location.  Check that out here.

Congratulations D’s II!


Big win for D’s II in Monroeville today at the chili cook off held at South Side Works.  Here is Dan with their trophy (from my crappy camera phone)

If you have never been, stop in at either Monroeville or Regent Square for an awesome selection of craft, impored and domestic beer, great food (obviously) and the best staff in the world.

A few thoughts on drinking

With the Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations kicking off this weekend (I have to pull out my big hat), a few items that I’ve recently learned about Pittsburgh drinkers.

First, when you go to a bar and practically empty your pockets/purse onto the bar, that’s a Pittsburgh thing.  And I”m very guilty of this, I almost always have my wallet and cell phone on the bar in front of me, and typically leave them there (even if I go to the bathroom).

Also another dead giveaway that you’re from Pittsburgh: leaving a $20 bill (or some other denomination) on the bar and expecting the bartender to make change from it (and you’ll presumably pull out tips as well) as you order more rounds.

Both of the above items have tipped off bartenders in other cities that the people telling me these stories (bartenders themselves) were from Pittsburgh.  Thankfully, some people are kind enough that if they see you drop dow na $20 bill for a bottle of [insert your favorite beer here], they’ll make some comment about you being a Yinzer and then make change accordingly.  Asshats will take the entire $20 as payment and tip.

Be safe out there this weekend, enjoy the drinking!

At the Harp and Fiddle

Countdown to XLIII: 6

Something that has come up in conversation numerous times lately (and also at various times that I can recall), is the fact that you can go just about anywhere and find Steelers fans.  I posted last week about the Terrible Towel in Space, but another item that seems to propagate is the Steelers-themed bar.

A friend from college studied a semester in Australia and found a Steeler bar down under, and I always hear about finding Steeler bars in cities across the country and countries around the world.

Doing some research about it (since I don’t travel a lot, I figured I could live a little vicariously through google…) I actually found a list that the Post Gazette has put together by state.

Feed your face for democracy!

I have occasionally boasted to some of you about my cooking prowess. Now’s your chance to put your money where my mouth is. Next Monday, October 13th, from 7 to 9 PM at the Shadow Lounge in East Liberty, I’ll be serving up various items (mostly vegan, one chicken dish) from the Indian subcontinent. $15 gets you all you care to eat, and the Lounge’s bar will be open to quench your thirst. I’ve looked over their coolers, and there’s several beers that’ll go very nicely. Proceeds from the event benefit Everybody VOTE, a nonpartisan organization working on voter registration, election protection, and youth involvement.

Come on down, have some food, and join in the good times!

A singer in a smokey room…oh wait

Thank you for smoking

Today is a very important day, and doubly so for those of us in Pennsylvania.  Today marks the beginning of the state-wide smoking ban.  I feel like we’ve been through this before, and truth be told, I haven’t taken much interest in the ban this time around.

Now, I should be happy about this.  A large portion of my friends smoke, and  I seem to be some sort of smoke magnet.  No matter where I’m sitting, and no matter what the air flow is like, smoke seems to find my face (this also applies to campfires, but that is a different post all together I suppose), so if anything, this ban will certainly help me.  But I don’t know, I guess I’m almost hardwired to expect bars, sport lounges and the like to be smokey

But I still have to see if my favorite haunts fall under the exceptions.  One of them might, when I finally get a chance, I’m going to head over and see what is or is not in the air.  But in the meantime, what are your thoughts about the ban?

Pittsburgh Brewing woes

The Post-Gazette reports today on the troubles at Pittsburgh Brewing:

The proposed saviors of bankrupt Pittsburgh Brewing, who last month were given an additional 45 days to complete their takeover of the troubled Lawrenceville brewer, are confident they’ll meet the latest deadline extension.

However, the investor group headed by Connecticut businessman John N. Milne has yet to obtain a brewery license from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board or meet the bonding requirements of the U.S. Alcohol & Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau, the federal agency that collects excise taxes on beer.

… … …

Several distributors said brewery officials recently told them operations would be shut down for several weeks, either because of cash shortages or paperwork problems transferring the state brewing license from Mr. Piccirilli’s ownership group to Iron City Brewing, Mr. Milne’s group.

… … …

A spokeswoman for the PLCB said the agency is waiting to receive additional information it asked for from Mr. Milne’s group. The proposed owners applied for the brewery license July 13, more than a month after Judge McCullough approved their reorganization plan.

So, they aren’t shipping their beer and they bouncing utility checks again, which is what got them in trouble in the first place. The people who were supposed to be the saviors of the brewery can’t even do basic paperwork in a timely manner. I noticed the other day that the billboard on Liberty Avenue at the end of the 16th Street Bridge, which has been an Iron City billboard for as long I can remember, now advertises Rolling Rock, an Anheuser-Busch product.

Not mentioned in this story is the danger that the collapse of Pittsburgh Brewing would represent for people who like more esoteric beers. The Tony Savatt company, Pittsburgh Brewing’s largest distributor, is strongly tied to PBC’s fate. They are also the Pittsburgh distributor for many Belgian beers, including Kasteel, Piraat, and Delirium Tremens. They bring you Spaten products, Sapporo, and Dinkelacker.

That isn’t all. Vecenie’s Distributing also relies heavily on Iron City products, although they are in a little less deep than Savatt. Still, if Pittsburgh Brewing pulls Vecenie down with them, we will not seeing Victory, Troeg’s, Bell’s, Erie, Lancaster, Stoudt’s, Weyerbacher or Dogfish Head, among others.

Eventually other distributors will pick up most of these brands, but will not sell them as forcefully, because they have other brands in competition. Nor will they have any inclination to keep prices down as the distribution of beer in Allegheny County becomes more oligarchic: without Pittsburgh Brewing as a base for smaller distributors, and Rolling Rock already swallowed up by Budweiser, in ten years we might see only two wholesale beer distributors operating in an atmosphere of de facto price fixing.

I don’t want to see I. C. Light off the shelves, but Pittsburgh Brewing’s incredible history of incompetent management may have much deeper implications.

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