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News from the Brew Gentlemen

The Brew Gentlemen have teamed up with Tapped, the pop-up beer garden, for the season finale:

The Brew Gentlemen have also teased some upcoming promo materials which will be part of their Kickstarter campaign.

Sadly, I’ll be out of town that weekend, or else I’d head out to Braddock, but I hope it s a great event!

Calling all zombies

I was part of the Zombie Horde at yesterday’s Run For Your Lives.  I’ll have a recap up with some pictures and videos later this week.  So if anyone was a fellow Horde member, ran the race or came out to spectate, I’d love to hear your stories!

Ravenstahl joins Freedom to Marry

Mayor Ravenstahl joined the Freedom To Marry’s Mayor program.  While I think it’s weird that it took him this long to join on, maybe he was specifically waiting for Pride weekend.

And on a side note, while I like the logo for this year, the wings in the background of the logo, just look funny to me.  Maybe it’s because I was always seeing the banners through the dirty windows on a PAT bus (or covered by an ad wrapper), but they looked funky.

Here is Luke’s comment to WATE:

“Hearts change, minds change,” Ravenstahl told Channel 4 Action News on Tuesday. “I have had numerous discussions with members of my staff who are gay, with friends who are gay, and as I said, hearts change, minds change, and mine has changed.”

Good for the Mayor, and happy Pride to everyone downtown this weekend, have fun, be safe and enjoy yourself!

Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week

Yesterday, Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week kicked off.  Penn, Church Brew Works and Rock Bottom are each making special beers for the events and venues all across the region will be having special events and tastings all week long.

Last night, I headed to my local bar for their Founder’s event, where they had a tapping of their incredible Breakfast Stout.  I left very happy (I haven’t had this awesome beer in a long time) and a free Founder’s glass (and of course, a Penguins win)!

Untappd is also getting into the spirit of the week, offering a special edition badge for anyone who checks in at two officially participating venues during the week.  You have a ton of choices, so get out there and find some of the awesome places in Pittsburgh that celebrate craft beer the entire year!

My friends and I had been using Beerby, which is another beer app, developed and owned locally.  At one point they announced they were closing, so we all moved over to Untappd.  Local money came in and Beerby is still operating, so take your pick.  Beerby has cooler badges (they are all badgers) but Untappd has more features.  Either way though, they are both great, free apps for both Android and iOS to find great beer near you.

I’ll be back with more, and hopefully I can try some of the three special beers, and I’ll check in throughout the week.  Enjoy the brews, be safe, and find some new craft beer around Pittsburgh!

Terror-Fest at Destinta

I picked up a flyer for the upcoming Terror-Fest at Destinta in North Versailles, and it looks pretty awesome.

Twenty bucks gets you large popcorn and pop with free refills and into three of the following four movies: Cabin in the Woods, Lockout, Safe and The Raven.

Twenty bucks for one movie and a large popcorn and pop is a good deal, and even though I don’t think I’d be able to make it through more than two movies without falling asleep, I may go check out Cabin in the Woods, which I’ve been waiting for.

Check out Destinta on Route 30 in North Versailles, and the Terror-Fest begins Saturday, April 28 at midnight.

The Electric Baby

Quantum Theatre was gracious enough to set up a time for me to chat with Karla Boos, artistic director and founder of Quantum about their latest production, The Electric Baby.  The play centers around the influence a child has on the adults in his life, bringing together those in Pittsburgh with his Romanian mother and Nigerian father.

Once again, Quantum returns with a world-premier, and this one has a special connection, being set in Pittsburgh, written after playwright Stephanie Zadravec’s time in the city.  Zadravec was on set for the first and last weeks of rehearsal, and she will be in town for most (if not all) of the run of the show.  The cast and crew, as always, includes a slew of locals, including those with Point Park and Carnegie Mellon filling out their resumes.

What I’ve always liked about Quantum is their dedication to the local community, and the East End in particular, the area they call home.  Like prior performances, Electric Baby continues their neighborhood initiative, this time heading to the Friendship neighborhood.  Quantum travels to the Waldorf School, in the shadow of the new Children’s Hospital, adding poignancy to the show.

The Waldorf School is described as a “bright space, with an old fashioned quality,” said Boos.  While they had originally thought to try to stage the play in Children’s Hospital, the logistics, as well as I can only assume, the additional stress placed on the patients and staff, moved the production to the nearby school.  The Waldorf, being an old convent

Boos mentioned that when you first walk into the school, you smell apples, as the students make applesauce each day.  I think that’s pretty awesome, and I wonder what kind of memories that is going to conjure in theater-goers throughout the run of the show.

Next season, I am happy to report, Quantum will continue their neighborhood initiative and will hopefully be premiering more plays.  Although I asked, Boos can’t disclose the shows or locations yet, and I completely understand, but I am eagerly anticipating the announcement to see what they’ll be doing next.

In the meantime though, make sure to check out The Electric Baby, which runs through April 22, and of course, take advantage of the nearby food partnerships, either Verde or Cafe Sam.

Note: I wrote this up two weeks ago, and apparently hit the wrong button, my apologies for the delay in getting this online.

Cyber Easter Sunday

Calvary Church, for the first time, will be live broadcasting the Easter Service via the Internet.

Tomorrow, the 11:15 a.m. service will be available to be viewed from anyplace with an Internet connection.  Look for me!  I’ll probably be wearing a blue shirt, but I won’t be able to confirm that until tomorrow morning.

My afternoon view


I spent a chunk of time at a conference at Rivers, here was the view.  Lots of geese down below!

Halloween is fast approaching

It's a severed arm, but you probably figured that out.

I keep meaning to forget, a new company I found, Specter Studios, is a local costume and prop company located in Sharpsburg.  And if you’re looking to have an order for Halloween, you have to place it by the 10th for guaranteed delivery.

I really love the plague doctor costumer, Raven mask and Penguin mask (which I think would be fun to wear to Consol, actually).  Check out their online store here for all kinds of complete costumes, severed limbs, awesome beanies, wings and a lot more!

Zoo Brew

Once again, the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium will be opening its doors to craft beers from around the country and you’re invited to partake.

Friday, September 16, starting at 6 p.m., you can view the animals, eat food and drink some awesome craft beers.  Some of my favorites will be there, including Duck Rabbit, Leinenkugels, Terrapin and Great Lakes, and other awesome breweries, like Duquesne, who I haven’t been able to drink yet, will be there as well.

Also representing Pennsylvania will be Yuengling, Penn and Rivertowne.

You even get a commemorative mug to take home with you!  But more importantly, this event helps to support the animals and the outreach programs of the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium.

Check out more details and purchase tickets here, hope to see you there!

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