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Happy Thanksgiving!

Our annual Thanksgiving tradition includes listening to DVE at noon when they play “Alice’s Restaurant,” but for all the ‘Burghers, here and exiled, happy Thanksgiving to you and your families:

Fat Tuesday at work

I haven’t had anything from Oakmont in what seems like forever, but we’re celebrating today, even if it isn’t king cake.


7/7/07 = Party Time

Do you have your plans set for July 7? I’m planning a bachelorette party for that night (and no, this is not an open invitation). In my planning for said event I discovered that this night just so happens to be the “biggest party night of the year.” Huh? Yeah, I didn’t believe it at first either, but 3 out of 3 local limo companies report that 7/7/07 is the busiest night of their year thus far.
“It’s 7/7/07,” said one proprietor when I dared question his authority. “Everybody wants to party that night!”
At first I thought maybe this was a scam that the limo companies pull on every gullible bridesmaid, “Yeah, honey, you better book fast, everybody’s partying on February 17. It’s the biggest party night of the year!”
Resourceful bridesmaid that I am, I did some research about the date. While I couldn’t find anything to substantiate their claims of the never-before-seen bacchanalian excesses that will be 7/7/07, I did stumble onto an article from The Columbus Dispatch about how popular that date is for weddings. Call me crazy, but a day where a lot of people in Ohio get married doesn’t exactly live up to its hype as the biggest party night of the year. I guess we shall see. One thing is for sure, I’ll definitely be out that night albeit not because of the date. Still, it’s comforting to know that when my grandchildren someday ask me if I witnessed firsthand the parties of 7/7/07, I’ll be able to say I was there. Start making plans, people!

A happier view of relationships?

Set during the Christmas and not Valentine season, but apropos of the news that liquor stores closed early today, I thought of Nick and Nora and martinis. (I always preferred them to Rick and Ilsa.)

Unhappy Valentine’s video

Casablanca: Ilsa’s come and left. It’s after closing; Sam tries to get Rick to go home. But Rick’s the loneliest guy in the world, and he’ll sit in the dark with his whiskey and broken heart as long as he can stand it.

Too hot, too hot baby


Ladies, we’ve all been there. A kiss leads to another kiss and another and then before you know it, you’ve had another hot night. Great!

But maybe not so great. Maybe things got hot and heavy and … unprotected. It’s not your most brilliant maneuver, but now we have this thing called Emergency Contraception — pills you can take up to 5 days after your kiss that got too hot.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day, Planned Parenthood is giving away Emergency Contraception for free at their office downtown, starting at 8am. So you can be prepared in case a kiss gets out of hand.

kiss photo by Tauri Tuubei via Flickr

Happy Valentine’s video

Behold as Duckie lip-sync serenades Andie to Otis Redding. A true declaration of love, 1980s-style, from Pretty in Pink.

Thank goodness this photo was not taken two seconds later

because the trunks on the guy on the right look like they are headed south.

These guys, who take a swim on Groundhog Day, are called the “Drowned Hogs” and are the antidote for those who think that the Polar Bears are wimps for jumping into the river only once in midwinter.

Worst valentine ever

Apparently some sadistic freak in Aliquippa has been harassing his girlfriend. For his latest trick, he left her a box sweetly wrapped in red and pink. Inside? The severed head of a kitten.

Oh, and in case she was wondering who might give her such a lovely present? There was also a note: “I love you, Your Ben.” Points for the Post-Gazette, which published Ben’s full name.

Benjamin Gregory. Who is, of course, innocent until proven guilty.

But since Ben’s been arrested, I’ve gotta say I hope he never ever ever ever ever finds another woman to date him again.

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